Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 1 post op

I'm a very lucky gal. Having Eric stay home with me has been great.  He will bring me whatever I need, he's been tracking my drugs so I only have missed a dose once and that was because I was asleep.
Jacob wouldn't let me sleep.  He has so much energy, that I just can't handle it.  Even though I was drugged to the hilt this morning, I couldn't sleep with all his noise.  So I asked Eric to take him to the store.  Yesterday was payday, and we were out of a few things.  The funny thing was that my sister had asked Eric last night to write down a few grocery items for her to pick up.  Unfortunately, I couldn't wait for her kindness.  I needed sleep. 

This was how I spent most of the day.  
Princess is very happy that I've built up the pillows on the upstairs couch.   I slept there last night.  I have to sleep on my back, so I thought I'd be most comfortable on the couch.  I felt productive not waking Eric in the night and going to the bathroom all by myself.  Princess has found the spot next to me to be her spot.  She stayed there most of the night, and as it turned out, most of the day too. 

 So Eric took Jake to the store, and this was what I woke up to later.  Jacob brought me flowers!   
Apparently, while they were at Trader Joe's, Jacob went up and told Eric that I NEEDED Pink Roses.  Pink Roses.  Not only was he able to say them, but to identify them.  He knew I needed them.  I guess he was right, because seeing this sweetheart bring me flowers warmed my gorked up heart.  

Absolutely enchanting.  

So after a few hours, I decided to take off my clothes that I'd slept in since the night before.  I changed into fresh clothes and slathered up in Helichrysum and Lavender.  Yesterday I really needed my Frankincense to calm my nerves before the surgery.  Afterwards, I was so Queasy I only wanted Peppermint and AromaEase.  Today, I have fallen in love with Helichrysum.  

My sister and Ma gave me a sample of this oil when I visited earlier this week.  This stuff is magical.  It has some mild painkilling properties, but the real thing it's used for is the Circulatory system.  I've been slathering it up every couple hours, and it takes the edge off the nerve pain too.  I've heard of people using it to stop bloody noses, or in their First Aid kits.   It was Out Of Stock when I needed to get it, so I had to get a sample from Lisa and Mommy.   Thank Goodness they were willing to share.  This is an expensive oil.  Luckily, as I was falling in love with this herby awesomeness, it came back into stock today.  So I totally pushed through an order, wherein I ordered my own bottle of Helichrysum.  I probably shouldn't be allowed to shop when on all these drugs, but I figured it was ok, since I was cashing in points for freebies, so I only spent $10 on shipping.  Good deal for me! Woohoo!  

So this is me. Check it out, my belly button is nowhere near where my bosoms hang now.  They point up.  I put some Lavender on all my skin when I was changing.  My bra that they sent me home in, is really cute. I decided I like it.  The whole look is cute.  Guess I don't need quite as much support as I'm used to now, things are pretty tightly bound in there.  My nips are so padded they look pointy like something out of a 1960s movie. I feel like Ann Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie.  Except she could squish things together, and there's no squishing here.  No squishing at all. 

The side shot.  Sorry for the graphic-ness, but I know a couple of you want to see.  My belly sticks out a bit below my bosom, but not enough to look pregnant, I don't think.  I actually think it looks good.  I can't believe how normal my chest looks.  I hadn't realized how big things had looked or gotten, or how often my shirts had so much to cover.  Even my pajamas hang much better on me now.  They look really cute.  And already, though I am having plenty of pain at the stitch sites, my shoulders feel like a burden has been lifted.  The doctor called to check in on me.  They took off 5 1/2 pounds!  Can you believe that?!  My niece weighed that much.  I lost a whole niece in one day. 

For a splash of productivity, this evening, I went outside for a walk. Granted, it was just to the mailbox and back.  Still, I felt it. It was the furthest I've moved in two days, and it was pushing my limits.  How else will I find my limits if I don't push them?


amy said...

You look amazing! I can tell from your picture that your shoulders and back have some releif.

Cathy Willman said...

I do! It's true. That's the one thing I've noticed, that there is weight lifted like free from stress from my shoulders.