Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 6 - An Itchy Mess

I am Itchy!

I'm reminded of that little old lady from The Neverending Story, "It's got to hurt if it's to heal!"  The skin on my chest is very itchy.  I slathered the whole thing down in Lavender this afternoon! I figure it's a good thing to be annoyingly itchy.  I'm not sure if it's the drugs or the healing.  But I have to be very careful when I scratch.  I don't want to hurt the skin or rip a stitch, so I try to scratch with the tabs of my fingers.  But sometimes in my stupor, I forget.  Forgetting hurts.   But so far I haven't really hurt myself.
I also napped wrong.  I Chose Unwisely. 1 nap a day is better.  I feel like a baby or a toddler transitioning from a 2 nap day to 1.   And I need some help with the organization and arrangement of naps.  Ugh.  I try to hold out until afternoon.  Most of this weekend, I napped twice a day.  But now on my own, I am trying to hold out until Jacob is ready to nap too.  
This morning, I slept from 10:30-1 while my Mother in Law took Jacob for a while and returned him exhausted after lunch. Only, I was wide awake.  There was no second nap for me... even though I waited until now to put Jake down.  He fell asleep.  I watched his beautiful eyelids get droopy.  I closed mine too.  But there was no sleeping.  Jacob is so sweet to watch sleep.  He gets all warm, and his hair curls, and I know my days are numbered while he sleeps with me as well as when he's going to nap at all.  He's growing too fast.

My chest looks weird.  Frankenboobs.  That's the nickname I've given myself.  My sister says that Frankenboobs is my character in The Nightmare before Breastmas.

The edges of the Steri-strips are curling.  This is under my arm.    
I debated posting this pic and my nickname.  But I was in a challenge where we were to take a reflection picture.  So I took this, in reflection. It's the only way I can see what's going on, is to use a mirror.   There's a lot of bruising, so I'm using Melrose as well as Helichrysum and Panaway.  It really looks icky, but not in an infected way, but weird.  It's not sexy, but I can see how it will heal.  And the healing is good.