Monday, August 29, 2016

Time to blog some more.. I think

OK, so the last few days have been quiet.  Jake and I don't do much.  
Princess has taken over my upstairs recovery couch as her own.  That's ok.  
I have just enough strength to do stairs and chill.  At least I have the energy to blog. ;) 

Wednesday my friend Kathleen came over.  
She brought Cuteness to distract us.  The lovely 2 month old Alexis Jane, our friend Bohl's new baby. I got my baby fix, and she was kind enough not to go for my chest, or hurt me.  I appreciated that. 
She makes my uterus flip for another one.  But alas, no.  The Shop is Closed!  

Jacob is best friend with Alexis' big brother John, aka John John.   They played hard.  
And it was good.  He needed that sort of exhaustion.  

However, in the afternoon, after we had been napping, a nasty storm rolled in. 
I had to wake Jacob to take him downstairs.  He was not happy.  

This was the view from the front porch!   
The kids got held up at school, our teachers held on to the kids through the tornado warning alarms and delayed release.   Very smart.  That sky was nasty.  

I thought I'd be all awesome and go out and snap some video.  Instead I got the snot scared out of me, as lightning struck the lot next door.   I nearly dropped the phone and a load in my pants.  Blessedly, neither really occurred.

But I am venturing out.  Not far.  But I am venturing out.  

Pho kin A!

You know I don't usually talk like that.  But in this case, it was warranted.  
My Seestor came down to help take care of me on Friday.  She'd been sick the last week or so, and I had to keep her away too.  She had finally recovered enough to come down and see me.  She started some laundry, did some dishes, and brought sandwich makin's though then decided we needed to go out to lunch.  We decided to try a place called Pho 36, a Vietnamese place out in Avon.  I'd never eaten Vietamese.  And neither had Li.  So clearly we needed to remedy this.   Plus, soup sounded good.  But this is more than just 'soup'.  It's an experience.   We got huge heaping bowls of noodle soup with all kinds of beefy goodness added, and veggies to add to spice and flavor to our desire.  So Yummy.   I can't wait to go back, with Eric.