Thursday, August 18, 2016

Post op 1 week!

It's been a Week since my surgery.  I've been pretty gorked out for most of that time.  I consider my husband a lucky man, since I only made him take two days off.  I've been also Blessed this week that people have been bringing us food.   Last night, a friend forgot, and he turned around and ordered pizza, then brought us the pulled pork he promised last night, again for tonight.  We'll be good for a few days now.  I'm so Thankful that people have been bringing food.  Although I've gotten a bit further away from Eric having to do everything for me, he still needs to be my Gopher sometimes.  He writes down all the times and dosages for my drugs, though I've been getting away from taking the hearty narcotics by day.  The neurotin seems to be enough.  It makes me sleep and relaxed, but not as stupid.  I can be home with Jacob that way.  My Dad brought Jacob home from school today for me.  So I just rested.  I'd planned on napping. But I also missed having an afternoon nap yesterday by napping too long in the morning.  It's pretty exciting that although I just rested, I didn't sleep, so that I could nap with Jacob.   He and I nap good.  If napping was an Olympic sport, I'd be a medalist.

 Princess was by my side.  

Isn't she the sweetest.   
She is such a good girl.  She steals my pillow that is supposed to be supporting my arm. 
I don't mind so much.  

She's ready for her Close-up!
Prinny has been doing a great job of keeping me company, and just staying close. 
She's a good comfort, and a cuddlebug. 

OK, since it's been a week, here's something for all four of you following to get a big kick out of:

Before/After shots

Yes, I wore the same clothing, for a better comparison.
OK, I gotta say, I am pretty impressed at how perky I am now.  I love that my bosom is now up above my elbows, that's a new development.  Ha ha!  I could make boob jokes all day! 


Elizabeth said...

Wow, Cathy! Seeing the pics side-by-side like that...what a huge difference! You look great!