Thursday, August 11, 2016

I had Surgery

If Boob talk bothers you, don't read this.  

Aren't I stylish?  

I reported to the Surgery Center at 9:30 am after dropping Jacob off at Preschool. I was lucky to get the boys off to school.  We had explained to them what I was going to do.  They knew that Mommy was going to get her breasts fixed, so that they didn't hurt her back and shoulders as much.  They understood that we were going to have to be very careful about hugs and touching after Mommy's surgery.  We had some Surgery paperwork to fill out, then they brought me back to suit up.  I got a gown and hairnet, socks and compression stockings.  Then we got serious.  They put an IV in my arm. It took 3 times to find a good spot.  I was worried that I might be a hard stick since having Jacob.  Turns out I still am.  At first I'd asked that they let me keep my wrists and elbows functional, so that I could still crochet.  They did. I kept singing the Veggie Tales song, "Sport Utility Vehicle" while they dug in my arm.   The second nurse found a spot on top of my arm, just an inch below my elbow, so I could still work my yarn.  That was good, since then we sat there in that pre-op room for over an hour, just waiting.  That made me nervous. More nervous.  I had been ok at home, but this was getting real.   My nurse told me it was good to be nervous.  That's Normal.  She worries about people that come in all pumped up and happy to have plastic surgery, that's unusual.  OK, I'm normal.  Catastrophizing is normal.  OK Good.  

OK, this was my most graphic shot that I'm going to share with you.  My top view after she drew on me.  X marks the boob that was larger, she knew she was going to have to take a little more off that one. To me, it looked like Easter Eggs.  Easter Eggs that they were going to be removing the bottom off of.  The marks are where they were going to cut.  

I remember being rolled into the OR, and moving to a skinny table.  The lamp above me had a pretty teal rim, I remember commenting on that.  They put a warm blanket on me, and turned on the compression stockings.  That was a weird feeling, cool breeze from coming on, and warm blanket.  They buckled my legs down. They had me stretch my arms to pin me down, just like my c-sections and we joked this was not 50 shades of anything.  I looked at my hands, and  I remember the nurse unbuttoning the right shoulder of my gown... and that's all.

I remember being hot when I woke up.  Eric says I was silly, but he didn't videotape me, he only texted my sister, saying that I was awake,ok and saying "Izzawful Hotinhere".  It was.  They had those compression things on my legs, they were annoying.  Finally they took them off, but they wouldn't let me just sleep.  I was thirsty.  They gave me ice.  I was thirsty.  I finally talked them into water.  And as soon as I got water down, they were dressing me and shoving me out the door.  I was apparently, the last surgery of the day.  So I got dressed, thrown in a chair, and rolled to my car.  Moving that fast made me really queasy.  Eric had a spare plastic bag for me to yak in.  He assured me the process took hours for recovery and waking.  It didn't feel like that.  I felt like the whole world was zooming by way too fast.  I remember begging him, please drive like an old lady all the way home so I won't puke.

We made it home and I didn't puke.  When we got home, Mom W. was here with all the boys.  They didn't rush to me or run me down, like I thought they would.  Grandma kept them upstairs and brought them down one at a time for me to love.  That was nice.  They were gentle.

I started to feel really sleepy and queasy.  Mom and Aunt Teri stayed with me, while Eric went on the drug run.  They even made sure the boys got all bathed and cleaned up too.  There are many drugs.  And Eric has been very good about making sure I got them on regular timed schedule.  We didn't want to risk getting behind on pain.  He's a champ.  I've been feeling fine.

The boys curled up and spent some time with me.  
Me and my Sams.  
He was so gentle, just touching my arm, no risk of touching my chest.  

Christopher was my calmer.  He's been here done this.  He's a post surgery pro.  After getting his jammies on he just laid down with me.  He took good care not to touch any areas that were sensitive.  

OK, this is my After shot.  I sent this to my sister.  I haven't opened the bra to see what's going on underneath.  I have vague recollections of the doctor showing me where stitches were and what  not to get wet.  Again, very vague.  Boy, am I Thankful that Eric was and is here for me.