Sunday, March 8, 2015

Silly Sunday

Last Sunday, we got Snow, a lot of Snow.  
They said we'd get 3-6 inches.  I think we got more like 8! 

But it sure was pretty.  

Even though it wasn't the first snow of the season, it was the first good snowman making snow.  
And it made the dog happy, all kinds of fun to watch it fall.  

It was the kind of snow to make a little dog bound and leap. 

And it was the kind of snow to finally build that snowman!  

The boys went outside and built this guy during our naptime, so I didn't see it until we were leaving the house and got this pic.   We would've stayed inside all day, but we needed to get to church for the boys' First Communion class.   And we would've just chilled out enjoying a lazy sunday, but it was Jeremiah's Birthday Party!  So, we were the only silly ones venturing out into the snow. 

He loves Daniel Tiger, so we got him one that talks and does stuff. 

And we all got to sing to Jeremiah! 
When our family gets together to sing, the music is always so nice.  

This was as close as I got to a closeup of the almost Birthday boy.  
Can't believe he's 2!  His birthday was actually Monday, but you know, we've got to celebrate the good stuff all month long. :) 

My kids are goofy.  As goofy as their new dog Hazel.   And they all were being so silly at the party. 
We couldn't stay late though, it was a school night.