Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Off to Texas, Day 9

They were predicting rain for us on our last day journey.  We had three states to cross after waking up in Joplin, MO, then through the rest of Missouri, through Illinois, and home to Indiana!   Turns out Missouri is pretty big state too, it's long, we spent most of our day journey in it, chasing rainstorms.  They were predicting rain for most of our journey.  

We were lucky though, we managed to stay on the back end of the storms.  
No need for sunglasses on this leg of the journey. 

You know how I mentioned we like to find Local Fare?  Well, Finally Missouri got their stuff together, and started showing us billboards for a place called Dowd's Catfish and BBQ in Lebanon, MO.  So that sounded perfect to us, when lunchtime came around.  I thought being Sunday, we might not be avoiding the crowds, but as it turns out, 1 pm is a fine time in this small highway exit town.  

Chris was in a snit for a lot of the visit, but better after he ate. 
I took Sam and Jake around to show them the sights while we waited for food.  The Catfish was Just right, the BBQ good, and oh mama, mmm, Fried Okra!  

We managed to not catch the rain until St. Louis, and only stayed with it for an hour or so. 
Then we got to have a peek of the sun out from under the clouds behind us.  

We kept driving and driving, and caught the sunset.  

This was our last view of the sun, as we got into Indiana. 
We got home at about 10 oclock.  And we were so happy to sleep in our own beds.  
It was good to see Lisa, and have a grand adventure, but I'm glad we didn't have to be back at school the next day. I feel empowered by being able to drive to El Paso by myself.  It gives me confidence.  I could have made it home too, I think.  But it was so much nicer to have Eric by my side.  The kids did well, so I think there can be more big road trips in our future too.