Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Trip to the Zoo

Up at 5 because Jake only got up once between 11 and 5.  I'm practically a well rested woman.  This has been a great week, a fun week.  The weather was lovely, so I decided to venture out and take Jacob and Piper to the Zoo.  I hadn't been since last Fall.  And it was Time.  And Jacob is clearly older, old enough to enjoy himself, and I find that all the same old stuff is New again to me, for him.
That makes it fun.

It was not coat weather.   I still had jackets on the kids, it was foggy when we arrived, but it was supposed to shape up later, and it really did!  

The kids loved standing by the aquariums and watching all the fishies go by.  
Piper didn't last long, but Jacob could have stayed in that room for a while. 

Still, whenever Pipes would move, Jake would faithfully follow.  
They were so adorable looking at the fishies together.  

Thank goodness they have short arms, or I would've been fishing Them out of the shark petting area.  They were pretty content just looking.  

I found Nemo! 

We arrived at the Penguin exhibit just in time for penguin feeding time.  They were so hyped up.  The penguins, that is.   Though two yahoos on the move is pretty interesting.  

Piper told me she wanted to see fishies, dolphins, and monkeys as we were driving to the Zoo.  
So I made sure we got in to the dolphins.  Again, Pipes didn't last long, and Jacob wanted to just play on the step by the window.  That boy likes to move.  

 The orangutans are not monkeys.  But they came right up to the windows while we were there.  We got to see them swinging, but none of my pictures of that turned out.  Chasing two toddlers, and getting decent pictures with the point and shoot is darn near impossible. It's much easier to capture them sitting sweetly in the stroller that we borrowed from Kathleen.  Did I mention it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to unpack the stroller?  I should've been paying better attention.  But it will be good for me to practice loading and unloading, for our trip to WDW this summer.  Gotta get my biscuits moving.  The kids had a great time going around the zoo.

They got a big kick out of the orangutans.  

Though technically, orangutans are apes, not monkeys.  I did take the kids around to the only monkeys we have.  The Gibbons.  And surprisingly, they were out moving about, even though it was a bit chilly.   I guess they enjoy the sunny day as much as I did!  

The other really great surprise was that the tigers were out. My three faithful followers may recall the time when Sam went to the Zoo, and we discussed with the keeper how they'd gotten the ok to breed them.  Well.... Last summer, we had a baby tiger!  Zoya.  And she was out with her mama Andrea.  This was the first time I'd gotten to see her.  

   Already she has this, I look good sitting in the sun thing Down.  
  Even as a baby, she's still a pretty big girl.  It's pretty awesome.  
Every time I go, I have a new favorite animal.  This trip, for me, it was the tigers.