Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Off to Texas, Day 7

It was sad that Eric really only got to spend one good day in Texas with us.  But we did it up with him by our side, the Zoo, Swimming, Good Mexican Food.  And then, the next morning, Friday, we had to hit the road.  It was time to get back.  Daddy had to be at work on Monday morning.   So the time had to come.  

I made us all pose out front of Lisa's place.  
Gotta have those manditory pictures.  Eric and I and all the kids. 

And Lisa and I and all the kids.  <3

Then I asked Eric to take a picture of Lisa and I and all the mountains.  
I should have rethought the staring into the sun thing.  I was blinded for like half an hour. 


And I'm gonna miss these girls.  
This just happened to be them saying goodbye to the boys as they piled in, and I grabbed the point and shoot and asked them to give each other a hug.  This ended up being my favorite picture of them from the whole trip.   Yeah,  there's no 'gonna' about it, I miss them already.  I missed them before I got on the highway. :( 

Meanwhile, the boys were perfectly content with their screens.  Two ipads, and a two DSs.  Though Chris's died halfway through the day.   Still, suddenly, traveling got lots easier with everyone happily engrossed in their own screen.  For Jacob it was Yo Gabba Gabba and Octonauts.  For Sam, his new DS and games, and Chris didn't care as long as he had a screen.  

It was a good thing they were content for most of the day.  
Texas is a long drive, lots of desert.  We did see oil rigs.  The boys thought those were cool.  Midland is like the biggest oil refinery I've ever seen, and it's a see of pumps from there on.   I find the scenery very interesting.  
We planned on stopping for dinner in Abilene, but just like on my way down, I missed it.  So we thought, we'll stop at the next promising place.  Well, we approached Anson, and found a little Mom and Pop joint on the side of the road, called Fish - n- Chick.   It reminded me of a Dairy Queen without the ice cream.  And it looked like they deep fried everything.  Well, there's nothing wrong with that.  So I got some Chicken nuggets, and the kids got cheeseburgers.  They had a special of the day, a fish taco, by zee each, or in threes.  I got 1, and Eric got 3.  I wish I'd gotten 3, they were the best darn fried fish tacos I'd ever had!  Normally fried fish tacos are really heavy on the batter.  I don't like that.  These weren't, it was a nice crisp light fry, probably using some masa flour, it had a corny feel to it.  Freaking Awesome.   They had cabbage on top, and a bit of special sauce... which I love the grilled taco's at Scotty's and they use cole slaw dressing and bit of mo'fo mustard.  I think by combining the two and a nice fry, I could make the Best Fish Tacos Ever!   But should you find yourself on SR 83, cruising by Anson, TX, stop at ye old Fish-n-Chick.  Good Stuff. 

Our Last Sunset in Texas. 

After dinner, we decided to push once again to Wichita Falls, but it was dark by the time we got there.  We stayed in the same hotel as we did when we came down.  
It worked for 4 people, not so much for 5.