Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Off to Texas, Day 4

This was our morning. Sunrise by the mountains.
I couldn't wait to get up and watch the sun come up over the mountains.  The mountains to the west would glow in the early morning light.  To the east, the sun was blocked by highway.  Still neat, but not as nifty pictures.  The sunrises and sunsets here are Gorgeous!  I'd seen it when I'd helped Lisa move here in September 2012, before I knew I was expecting.  

But it was Beautiful.  And how wonderful that the boys were all still asleep so I could enjoy it with just my seestor and I.   

We got dressed in our superhero outfits after Annie went to school. 
The boys couldn't wait to put their sunglasses on and hit the road. 

We stole Charlie and went exploring to the grocery store.  Albertson's.  
The kids were so thrilled to 'see El Paso'.  It's just the grocery store.  
4 kids at the store.  We were crazy. 

Still, I was happily surprised at the Mexican food aisle. It was endless.  
So Awesome.   
It made me crave some authentic mexican for lunch.  So we found a hole in the wall, that used to be  a gas station literally around the corner from Lisa.  

At the counter, I stared at the list.  I was hungry, that's trouble.  And I saw a pitcher, of a white beverage with ice.  Horchata!  Authentica! Oh I had to get a large cup of that.  It's like cinnamon milk, but sweet and more fabulous.  Jacob loved Horchata.  Sam loved Horchata.  Even Christopher loved Horchata!  I found something they all liked at an ethnic restaurant!  Well, that and chips.  Lisa had never had it.  She'd never been in, but she did something I never thought of, to order beans and cheese to go with the chips as soon as we got there.  Brilliant.  Turns out the kids Loved cheesy refritos as they eat their chips. Even mine!  Sam likes cheese quesadillas.  And Chris shared with him, mildly tolerant.  Afterwards, he told us he'd rather had a taco.  I had a chili relleno and a chicken burrito, both were Awesome.  I couldn't believe my kids ate Mexican... and liked it!   Lisa assures me she'll be back.  Heck yeah, I would too!

It was a Chill day.  After shopping at the store, and lunch, we went back to Lisa's and crashed.  
Naps Around! 
By the time we were awake, Annie was home from school, but Lisa had gone back to sleep, and they all curled up to watch movies.  They watched Big Hero 6, because it had been a whole day since they'd seen it.   

By movie's end, my boys were giving me the clue that they need to expel some energy.  Plus, being around their cousins brings out the crazy in them.  So I took the boys for a walk down to the park.  And the boys all played well together, and it was almost relaxing for me to watch them play.  I used my oily sunscreen on them, since it was hot and sunny in Hell Paso outside in the sun.  
We didn't get burned.  But we were ready for dinner by the time James got home from work. 

Christopher impressed the snot out of me with his mad Monkey Bar swinging skills.  
All those years in elementary school, and I could never go hand over hand like that.  I always had to go sideways.  And well, there's no hope that'll ever change, my arms are about as useful as a T-Rex's.

Look at all 5 of these sweeties!  
We were all lined up to go to dinner . For a split second, they were still and sweet.

Sushi time! 
Lisa and James took us to their favorite Sushi place.  They have pictures of the girls RIGHT by the cash register.  There are kids pictures all over the walls, but only our girls are by the register.  They even made a special salad for us.  And when Lisa's favorite waitress, who wasn't working, stopped by for something, she HAD to come in and chat with us for a while, introduce us to her boyfriend.  It was like our long lost Korean family.  I'm pretty sure it's a Korean owned Japanese restaurant and they treat Lisa and the girls like their Family.  It did my heart good to see that my girls are so well loved, in TX... and well fed. ;)  

Then they came in and sang Happy Birthday to Sam. 
Not just happy birthday, but the japanese korean karaoke version of Happy Birthday!  
And they pumped up the stereo.  I insert video, because words cannot describe the awesomeness.

I love the look of uncertainty on Sam's face.  
He was not expecting Super Korean Sushi Karaoke. 
But we were all so happy, I was crying tears of joy from their sweetness. 
I can totally see why Lisa loves this place.  

And nothing says happy birthday like tempura fried bananas and ice cream.