Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break Nails

I have fallen madly in love with Jamberry nails, in case you haven't noticed.  One of these days, I may very well sign up myself... just to support my habit.  In the mean time check out my friend Lori's Jammin' site!

This one is called Spring Break. 
Perfectly appropriate, as we take off Saturday for Spring Break Trip to TX. 

I love being able to take off my old nails, and just putting a new wrap on, and having festive nail without having to find a sitter!  And I love all the festivity.  I've got the NCAA and Spring Break covered this week! I'm routing for it all! 

I did these great nails just in time for the NCAA tournament as Butler is playing. 
My friend Lori and I made them in the Jamberry Nail Art Studio.  Pretty Groovy.  

Let's Go Dawgs! 

Speaking of Dawgs, we moved Princess into Fina's old crate.  When we first got her, she wouldn't go into this crate voluntarily, and would pee and poop in it, and then spread that mess all around.  So we loaned it out.  And Eric and I were joking that we'd have 'Rid it of the Stink of Victory'.  Victory was the dog who borrowed it.  Turns out Purification oil works for that too.  ;)  Anyway, this time we put it in the same spot as her old travel crate which won't lock anymore because it's falling apart, and she can be all Houdini and escape, so it's now going in the trash.  We left it open last night, and today we were able to call her and she walked into it, freely.  And we locked it!   And she did settle down.  I even caught her going in on all by herself.  I'm proud of her.  And I'm sure we won't have to spend 300$ again on someone else's house fixes due to Prinny freaking out when she's locked up in a strange place alone.  This time we're leaving her here with Daddy.  And when Daddy comes down to visit, our friend Jaime will watch her, and love her and spoil her, covering her with cuddles and taking her on long walks.  Just as she deserves.  

Come on we all deserve to be treated like a princess once in a while. ;)