Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crazy Notions

Have you ever done something crazy for a friend?  
Taken your life in your hands for a friend? 
It's a rare thing.  And I am not usually disappointed.  
I did one of those things tonight.
My friend Catalina had been taking guitar lessons.  She and I met through the church choir, so I know the girl can sing.  And she was set up to join her teacher and his band to play the open mic night at the Stone's Throw, a bar downtown.  Downtown B'burg, I should specify.  Lest you think I'm really bonkers and tootled into Indy in a snowstorm.  Anyway, there was a snowstorm.  C wasn't due on until 10, and by 9, we'd gotten the boys down, I wanted to take off my bra and put on my pajamas.  I sat down at the computer instead.  She'd cancelled the event, because she didn't want to see all the former Yeses turning into Nos.  It was making her Nervous.  Well, I couldn't have that.  So I decided to go.  I even put on makeup.  I tell, Crazy Stuff! I left the house at 9:30, leaving plenty of time to crawl across town in a snowstorm.   It felt so weird to go out that late.  I'm pretty sure it's been like college since I went to a bar, let alone left after dark.  Well, wait, no, Kathleen and I went to that dueling piano bar, but this was Different.  This was a Bar's Bar, all smokey and everything.  I am just not the drinker that I used to be.  And I was not going to touch anything that might impair my driving, when it was already icky.   I had to drive   Eric's car 2 fisted just to get there, it was snowing.  When I stopped to turn left, I fishtailed a bit, just getting there.   I did see a snowplow, but he was coming from Pittsboro and going south, not any of the roads I needed.   But I made it.  And I got to see my friend sing.  

She was a bit nervous.  I didn't know the song she chose for her first, Miranda Lambert thing, but the west wing of the bar was singing along.  I took it as a good sign.  Then she did Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Why yes, we do!   So that got a lot more of us singing along, and even some folks (who'd had a drinkie or two) waving their arms all around.  I didn't drink anything but water.  Bars aren't quite as fun if you aren't drinking.  The music was good.  And they were playing some things that if I'd been a little bit tipsier I'd have gotten up to Dance.  But I didn't.  I did go support my friend, and scream as we tried to talk to each other.  Man, I'm practically an old fuddy duddy.  I don't like smoke, I don't like screaming.  What kind of bar hopper am I?  I cut out at 11:30 - like Cinderella, I couldn't risk turning into a pumpkin at midnight. ;)  
I was glad I left when I did.  God was watching to make sure I made it home safe.  The roads were bad.   And I wiggled at the first light, luckily no one was around.  I Prayed Unceasingly all the way home.  I was so worried I'd lose control of that little car on the rest of the way home, but God was With Me.  He made sure the lights all stayed green, so I could just keep on plowing through.  No cars were out in my neighborhood, so there was no trying to pull over to get past.  I made it home in one piece, and had to hose myself down to wash all the smoky smell off.  I'd forgotten how it permeates everything.  Whew!  
But I'm glad I went.  Obviously, I was Meant to go and support my friend.  I'm glad I did.  She did a Great job!  I can sing at church, it's an easy audience, they all love me, and aren't inclined to throw tomatoes or bottles.  But singing at a bar, with a band, in public.  No.  I don't think so.  She's a better, braver, man than I.  And she did Wonderfully!