Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Off to Texas, Day 8

On our second day of return, we basically crossed Oklahoma.   We started the day in Wichita Falls, TX, just shy of the border, and ended the day on the other side of Oklahoma, in Joplin, MO, on the other side of the border.   It's funny, on this day, our second day of traveling home, having Eric with me proved to make it more fun than when I did it alone with the boys.  He makes the road trip easier on me.  And I actually found myself enjoying the monotony with him by my side.  Guess that says something about our relationship, and why it's worked for nigh on 20 years. 

We have proven we can put up with a lot.  Even when the going gets tough.   We've gotten through a lot together.   And we are ok.  Though we did learn in Wichita Falls, that 2 big boys and a Daddy cannot share a bed.  2 fulls is not enough for the 5 of us.   2 wiggly boys and snoring Daddy cannot share a bed.  It was rough for them.  And Jacob didn't have a good night either, must have been sympathetic fussage.  

Still, we found Joy at Breakfast.  Everything is bigger in Texas, including the breakfast waffles at the Comfort Inn!  How's this groovy Texas shaped waffle?!

Off we go, day 2.  We had a bit of a meltdown, and they lost screens for a while shortly after we started, but eventually the kids have found their grooves, and were actually pretty good... for a while.  
Then we got hungry again.  

Something else that's groovy about having Eric on a road trip with me, his fancy phone.  If I have a question, or random thought, he can look up the answer!  So, as we were driving, thinking about lunch, Eric what sort of Local fare does one find in Oklahoma?   We usually like to eat according to the zone we are traveling, for example, Whattaburger is a Texas thing.   We ate a whole lot of Mexican while we were down there.  As it should be.  I didn't want McDonald's because we have that at home.  But it's not like I had done tons of research, because we didn't know when we'd be hungry.  I remembered when we drove through the West on our trip of 2007.  One of the things we really liked was Indian Fry Bread, and if Oklahoma has one thing, it's Indians.  So Eric looked up on his computer, at where we could find some Indian Fry Bread, along our path.  And he found the Perfect Place!  

Tim's Drive Inn, built in the 50s, and so crowded that we had to park down the street, the drive through line was so long we couldn't get in.  They had cheeseburgers, that's what the boys wanted.  Eric and I split and Indian Fry Bread and a Fried Onion Burger.  We got some 'World Famous Dr. Pepper' and a Butterscotch Milkshake.  Duuuuddde.  

So much yumminess, so little time.  We sat and shared all the goodies.   
Daddy, Jacob, and I definitely ate the most. Jacob lost his mind when I tried to take a sip of the butterscotch milkshake after offering him some.  That was his favorite.  Maybe this one is my kid! 

Oklahoma.  The desert gives way to rolling hills, and sights of green.  For a drab state, it can be kind of pretty, especially when you've been staring a desert for the last few days. There were even a few small flowering trees. 

We ended up calling it a night in Joplin, MO at the Comfort Inn and Suites.  After the previous night's misery, with only 2 beds, we decided to make sure the Comfort Inn we stopped at said AND SUITES.  Only when we got in, there was no Suite.   I grumped a lot, and had them send up a rollaway bed.  And Eric got that to himself for the night.  It wasn't the best arrangement, but we knew we'd be home soon, and we didn't want to switch hotels.  And the boys got to go for an evening swim before dinner, so that already beat the Wichita Falls Comfort Inn, who said they had a pool, but it was outdoor and not open yet for 'the season' in March.  So the kids swam and didn't care.  They had been pretty good for the day's travels.   Mommy tried to get Jake to nap, but it was not happening, so we watched some trashy tv.   The boys came back, and we were all hungry.  After some debate, we decided to hit the Olive Garden across the street. I needed some salad.  Too much fried food on the road was getting to me.  Unfortunately, the request for salad was too much in the hunt for local fare, so we went with the known value.  Surprisingly, the boys actually ate.  Meatballs and Macaroni save all!   

And since I finally wasn't driving, and didn't need to stay awake, I got a yummy drinkie.  
A good note to end on.