Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Sam - the Pre- Party!

We spent Sam's actual birthday in Texas. 
And this would have been an 'out year'.  Every year, we have birthday parties, just the odd years, we are at home, and the even years, we are out.  We didn't set out to do it that way, it just worked out that way for Chris, then Sam came along, and the next thing we knew, we had a trend.   So since this year is an Out year, I was worried about doing a party before our trip to Texas.  Sam, however, ever the logical, pointed out that, THAT is why we're going to Texas, for his Birthday.  Of course. And it doesn't get more "Out" than driving to El Paso.  So we went with that.  But we decided to still have 'just the family' over for a small get together before we headed off on our trip.   

This was how he came home from school on the last day of school before Spring Break started.  
Someone got a head start on celebrating his birthday, Indeed! 

He had a sticker, and a crown, and he was in the Best Mood.  

His mood got even better when I showed him the "round circle cake in green" that he'd asked for.
I must confess, I didn't even have to buy a new mix, I had this key lime cake in the pantry since I saw it months ago.  I love this flavor.  It's not sweet.  Well, it's a little sweet.  But not obnoxiously so.  So I made this cake, and Jake and Piper "helped" me make brownies.  Sam was pretty happy about that.    

And when we put 6 candles on the cake, that made him even happier. 

Even still, it's hard not to have all our friends and loved ones 'help' him blow out candles with him.
He needed help for a while, now he's a candle blowing pro!

And he dug right in to the cake.  

Oma and Opa helped Jacob sample the brownies.  A big hit.  
They had to keep up or he'd start yelling and crying at them.  
We can't delay on giving a sweetboy chocolate!  He might be mine.  

Sam had Kristin and Kaylee helping him open his presents.  

Good times.  Oma and Opa continued the green theme again this year. 
We didn't plan it, but he wanted to wear green, chose a green cake.  It was awesomely handly they picked out green presents too! 

A small someone really liked brother's birthday presents, and kept sneaking off trying to play with them when no one was looking.  

And last but not least, the most Awesome green hat.  
Perfect for lots of wearing o'the green for years to come!