Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This past week, last Monday, our boys attended VBS at our church.  The theme this year was Kingdom Rock, where Kids Stand Strong for God.  We'd been postponing the decision as to whether or not to let Sam attend, based on if he had potty trained or not.  Turns out he did...just in time.  He pooped in the potty on Monday, so I let him go, of course, then we had an accident on Tuesday, but he went Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday though, he got sick, got a bad case of the pukies in the morning.  Then we were able to all go to the Closing as a Family.  Our friends did a Wonderful job decorating the church.  There was a moat to cross to get into the church, and a drawbridge to get into the sanctuary.  The walls had bricks drawn on paper, and torches, I loved the torches, and it was medieval Awesome! 

I threw my back out before the weekend, and had been in lots of pain all through Father's Day weekend.  Unfortunately, the issues remained, and I ended up at the chiropractor 3 out of the 4 days they were open last week.  Turns out I have a tight butt.  I know, it sounds funny, but my guy says my gluts aren't firing...it feels like they are locked up, and whenever I rest they seize up and I can't move.  I have no strength in my abs, it's like they aren't even there, probably from weakness after 6 months of not being used.  And my back is just shooting.  As a result, I couldn't help with VBS this year.  I could barely handle the children I have, let alone add to it.  Tuesday I had a friend come by and just stay with me, help out with the boys, until Eric got home.  I took his Chiro appt, and got re-adjusted.  And my doc gave me some exercises to work on.  So I worked on those all week.  It helped.

Meanwhile, since I wasn't active in this year's VBS, I only took the above two pictures.  Below were taken by my friend Lori as she was in charge of the whole thing.  She got Sam (can you see him on the left?) with his preschool group outside for their activities, they were hauling blocks made of paper bags, not sure exactly why, Sam was unclear.

And they made crowns for all the princes and princesses in the kingdom of God.  

Christopher leapt into the role of Chivalrous Knight opening doors for people everywhere he went.  

They both had a Wonderful time, and are still Standing Strong for God this week too. 
May it be ever more.