Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Bathtism

We Baptized Jacob in our church today, and we were Blessed to be surrounded with loved ones, but there were a few folks that weren't able to make it.  So for those family members that missed it, here is the bit of video we captured:  

I know there's a lot of debate on whether to baptize as infants or as adults.  We believe in Infant Baptism.  I do not believe that God denies entry into heaven to any children not baptized.  I heard an acquaintance say once, "Baptism is our way of acknowledging that God says I Love You, and Confirmation is our way of saying I Love You too."  Today was like saying goodbye to all the crud - the bedrest, the sickness, the Fear and just sitting back and enjoying God's Presence in our lives.  Especially in Jacob's life.  Though Jacob has been in God's hands for a lot longer than just today; God has clearly been with him all along.  How Wonderful to be able to Celebrate the birth of Jacob with our friends and family!  His baptism today was not just a Celebration of his formal entry into the Family of Christ, but it was a Celebration of his birth, his life.  We are so Blessed by Jacob, and it has been so comforting to be able to share him with my loved ones.   

Of course, I took a bunch of pictures, or had them taken.  So now I'm sharing them. :)

Upon arrival at the church, we found the Easter lilies in bloom.  Usually at Easter, people buy lilies and take them home...but in the rare case that they are left behind, they get planted.   And this weekend, they were blooming.  I took it as a Sign.  A Blessing from above.  Jacob was almost an Easter baby. 

When we got inside last night to practice, this banner was waiting for us.  I was so touched, my eyes watered, and I didn't notice until after the baptism that Ezekiel was misspelled.  And I barely cared.  It meant so much that someone would make something homemade for baby Jacob.  I made him a blanket, but since he's the third boy in the family, the majority of his stuff is hand-me-down, not so much homemade. So it means a lot. 

Before the service, Jacob made the social rounds.  He got to get some snuggles in with Aunt Lisa and Miss Ashley.  

I have a friend, she's the fiance of a friend from college that we were in band with.  And you know how it is, family in the band is family forever.  So when I heard she made cakes, I thought I'll ask if she'd be open to making us one for Jacob's baptism.  They live in Elkhart, it's a bit of a hoof, but I've never tried her stuff, and I really wanted to taste some.  So I asked, and believed it or not, she said Yes!  And she offered not just to meet me on Saturday, but to bring them all the way down to the church.  And when she showed up, she didn't just bring 1 cake, she brought 2!  

Oh, and she wasn't done.  She made a "few cupcakes" too.  
The yellow cake is a chocolate cake with andes mint filling, and the green cake was a white cake with fresh strawberries in the center.  
And the cupcakes were topped with yellow and green chocolates. And not one smidge of Red 40! 
And the cupcakes on the side, there were peanut butter ones, with peanut butter inside and mini reese cups on top, and then there were coffee creme filled ones with chocolate covered coffee beans on top.  

She went Buck Wild!

Pastor asked us not to take pictures during the Service, so I only pulled out the Point and Shoot to get videos.  The Fam joined us in giving a Vocal Offering in honor of Jacob.

It got a little bumpy in a couple places, but we pulled it together at the end, maybe Eric and I were too teary.

For we are indeed Proud Parents! 

Parents and Godparents. 

The kids joined us at the altar for the Baptism, of course it's like herding cats, but now instead of just being joined in bonds of honorary fraternity/sorority brotherhood/sisterhood, our families are joined under God.  We've long called the kids cousins, just to explain our closeness, or when we travel together, we just say we're family.  And God just keeps bringing our families closer together.  I think that's been part of His plan in bringing us together all along.  

Our sweet family of 5 on the altar.  We had Aunt Lisa and Grandma being goofy behind Dad W.'s head as he was trying to take pictures of us, so we all look a little goofy.  

I love all the Turquoise!  
I swear we didn't send out a memo that this was the color scheme I'd picked out, I just happened to find a few shirts I liked, but all of us look so summery and sweet! 

I just love these. 

The Proud Godparents 

We even got Pastor to come back over and pose a little bit with us.  

Marked by the sign of the cross, sealed as a child of God, forever.

On the way home, Christopher said, "Now that Jacob has been Bathtized, he is a lamb to God."
I had to laugh.  How sweet the Faith of children. 

Meanwhile,  my friend Amanda put the cakes and cupcakes out, in a simply beautiful spread, and was able to stay for the Service.  

And we took over the Family Life Center for a scrumptious luncheon.  
My reunion group sister Margie made a wonderful pulled pork and layered salad, and we had veggies, potato salad, green fluff, chips, and of course Cake.  We were so Blessed by our friends culinary gifts!

I actually got to eat my wonderful meal because people wanted to hold Jacob.  It was Great! 

Such as one very proud Godmother.  :)  

And of course, Grandpa loves to get his snuggles in too.  

And what is right for one Grandpa, is also right for a Great Grandpa.  

Technically Jacob's great grandpa Willman saw him at the funeral for Grandpa Chambers, but this was the first time the two actually got to know each other.  

4 generations of Willman men (and boys). 

What an Awesome day.  

Awesome and Exhausting.