Friday, June 28, 2013

Freezer Cooking Night

I made it to Freezer Cooking night this week.  
It has been months since I've been able to attend.  We've been the recipients of food for a few months, even not participating.  Our group meets once a month, and we make 5-8 copies of a meal, then meet and switch coming home with half a dozen different frozen meals we can whip out and fix up.  But this was the first month in ages that I've wanted to go and felt almost sort of up to even being out at night.  Woohoo!  Now, I still didn't do the cooking, but I did help with the Shopping which I hadn't been up to either.  It felt so good to see all my gal pals.  I have been missing out on so much of their lives, I felt kind of sad.  But we still found plenty to laugh about.  This month, we made up for not participating last month by Eric putting together Nicki's Spanish Flank Steak, one of my favorites.  It smells so good, even in the plastic, you can smell the awesome marinade!  This month was officially Greatest Hits month, since we celebrate our group's anniversary, birthday, whatever, we started in June, so we celebrate that each June (all 2) by doing a greatest hits meeting.  We vote and everything.  We were voted to make Mom's Cheese and Sausage Pie, always a favorite around here for Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Whatever! 

I brought Jacob, because as we say around here, he goes everywhere Mommy's boobs go, and he was pretty good.  And my friend N hosted, and her husband made a trifle, a lovely red, white, and blue bowl of cake.  I need to do that!  And we had our traditional sparkling pink moscato.  Yes, I even had a glass.  Just one though, it's amazing how affected I am by full caffeine and alcohol after not having them for so long.  Jake allowed for it, if I drink, it's usually while or immediately after nursing, he woke shortly after arrival and was repeatedly interested in drinking.  And his drinking made him interested in filling his pants.  

When he needed a diaper change, that proved problematic, I opened the bag, and there were no diapers.  There was only a dirty diaper from earlier in the day - AHH! I only had a dirty size 1, and 2 Sam-size pullups.  OK, so I put him in a pull up.  It's only the 2t-3t size.  Amazingly enough, my little butterball Fit into the pullup.  Of course, he pooed through that too.  And my friend Amy broke out her emergency size 5, and again, Jake fit pretty decently into that.  It bought me another hour of socializing time.  And then I had to put him in the last pullup.  I was amazed, the entire time, he didn't break through his clothes.  There were no leaks.  Of course, the entire time, he was not interested in sleeping.  

That was OK, there were plenty of friends interested in holding a sweet baby.  Alexandra was calling herself the Baby Whisperer, and was actually dancing to the awesome 90's mix of music playing in the background. Yes, My baby likes Kris Kross, it doesn't make him Jump Jump, but he does stop crying. ;) 

And it worked, eventually, he went to sleep.  

And I got him home and changed him into some real diapers.  

But it was so nice to get out, to see my friends, to drive home at sunset with the lightning bugs in the cornfields.  It was a Wonderful evening. Maybe next month, I'll even feel up to cooking!