Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  

I know, it doesn't look like Jacob is very happy.  In truth, he's not.  He's not remotely happy.  
He hates hats and booties, and barely tolerates socks.  

For Father's Day my main gift to Eric was Sleep.  I got up with Jacob before he could wake Daddy, and on the second run, Eric came running out, "I heard a funny noise. " He was worried about the baby. Yeah, it was just your child, being awake again.  He was cute that he missed it.  I felt bad that he woke up worrying.  But you know, that's the thing about being a Parent, you Worry about them all the time, waking or sleeping, doesn't matter.  

But still, we got the boys all dressed and to church to celebrate Father's Day with Daddy.  

And the boys were very good in church for him.   

After church we ran down to Greenwood to celebrate Father's Day with My Daddy.  
I found him the coolest present.  It was a coffee mug made to look just like a camera lens.  It looks like a Canon lens, the font is the same, but it's not until you look closely that you can see that it doesn't actually Say Canon, but Canain or something.  Daddy thought it was cool too.  He said, "Wow, this is so cool, I'm going to take it to Work!"  That's High Praise, a resounding success in gift giving, which is kind of my goal.  We met up at Brozzini's Pizzeria.  They have the best buffalo wings this side of the Niagara, and I've been madly craving pizza with ricotta on it.  My cravings couldn't decide between their white pizza or the Bazbeauz one with bacon and mushrooms too, so I compromised and got their white pizza WITH bacon and mushrooms.  Pretty sure the pizza angels sang on that one.  It was so good to see my family.  We haven't spent enough time with them lately.   

Aunt Lisa got her snuggles in.  Jacob got a big kick out her new blue hair.  

And Jacob got to meet his Uncle James.  
He checked him out for a few minutes, then started yelling.  All he wants to do is nurse right now. 
Eric and I were talking, of all the people in our family that Jacob is named after - Uncle James is the only one he's going to meet until heaven.  Not Grandpa Jim, or Eric's great uncle Jacob.  And not THE Ezekiel.  But Uncle James is a great role model for right here right now.  We have some Wonderful Fatherly role models for our boys.  James is Serving our country so well, they want to send him to Jordan to show them how it's done.  Bummer.  But at least we have him now.  Just wait until Jacob is old enough to Play, then boy howdy will they have some Fun! 

And no family get together is complete without the manditory Family Picture.  So if you ever wonder where I get it.... As it should be.