Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Swim at Home

My wonderful husband got the pool put together and all cleaned up and filled this weekend.  An Exhausting Process.  Given all the other crazy things going on around here, it wasn't the highest item on the list until it got gross hot last weekend.  And that's OK, it wasn't the Official First Day of Summer until last week. Then as soon as he pulls it out to clean it all up, it pours down rain while he was trying to get it ready.  So it waited until Yesterday before we got to get in for our First Swim of the season.  I brought the big boys outside, and they were ecstatic to jump right in.  We all love a good evening swim. They were only mildly annoyed with the water being cold.  It was still 80 something outside, so the air was warm enough for an evening swim.  And Blessedly the mosquitos were not out for blood.  But the water was still cold from just coming out of the hose yesterday...cold enough I didn't want to submerge myself.  But that doesn't stop the big boys! 

However, as I was circling around the back of the pool, I spotted a tiny hole, where water was springing out like a fountain.  I called Eric over, and yup, it's a hole.  Bummer.  And then he spotted another one.  So, two holes.  :(  We're all a little sad that our pool won't be lasting us long this season.  But that's OK, we'll just swim while we can. 

Happy Summer Time!