Monday, June 24, 2013

Mommy Paints

Friday night I got out.  
I know, it's Wild and Crazy.  And after a maddening week of VBS for the kids each evening, they weren't even done and I ran away.  A friend of mine from Mom2Mom was having a Painting Party.  It's like Wine and Canvas, but in her home, and we opted for no wine.  But I have wanted to do some sort of art for a while.  I mean, don't get me wrong, Photography is an art, and it's one I am pretty good at, but it's nice to learn something new.   Back in the day, BC, Before Children, Eric got me a gift of drawing classes at a place down by the mall, I want to say it was for like 2 months of sketching.  I wasn't very talented, but I didn't Take the Time to get better.  I always figured I'd eventually have more time to get artsy.  I just haven't.  Until Devon threw this opportunity my way.  

This gal she knew, an Elementary Art Teacher, just started her own business, painting parties in the home.  Her business is   See if you can spot our party pics on her Successful Parties page.  ;)  It's a new niche, and she's quite good, given that her career is teaching little kids to paint, it's easy enough for her to explain it to a bunch of non-artisans.  Jacob joined us.  He was a big hit.  Although ironically he wasn't the only baby there, nor was he the littlest.  There was a 3 week old baby, and compared to that one, Jake looks like a Beast.  So we set up the living room, and got to it.

Our paintings were titled: Three Little Birds.  Starting with blank white canvas can be a little daunting.  Katie first had us paint a sun or moon of white, then surround it with either purple/blue or yellow orange to achieve a moonlight or sunset sort of look.  It was fun to blend and cover the whole canvas.  I used a smidge of red and white for blending, I felt like quite the pro.  Unfortunately, Jacob got very interested in the proceedings, and wanted to be fed every 1/2 hour.  So I got behind everyone else. 

Then we painted a curlicue tree branch and blocked out our three little birds.  I chose mine to represent my three sweetboys.  So one got a dark green, another dark blue because those are Sam and Chris's favorite color, and Jake got maroon.  It looked like they were backlit, silouetted by the setting sun.  

Everyone else was finishing up as I filled in a few leaves, and the occasion spontaneous twirly flower.  But I couldn't keep up with them, and everyone was packing up, and I would have been there all night, because Jake was getting done.  So I felt rushed.  Hard to say that I was Rushed after 3 1/2 hours, but I rushed my finishing.  Still I love the way everyone's turned out.   We all received the same instructions, so it's really neat to see what everyone did with it.  Guess that's the neat thing about art classes.  

My Final Product.

I had a wonderful time doing this, and I plan on doing it again next month, one of my friends booked another party.  I would host myself, but I've got Too much Crazy going on here still.  The theme is a cross, if you'd like to come with me, let me know.