Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Saturday

Tis the season.  Summer begins.  

With it comes the first Swim Class.  For the last 5 years we've gone to the IndyParks Northwestway park for swim class.  They have all different levels that we've participated in.  A Mom and Tot class we've done with both Chris and Sam, and then the Preschooler class 3-5, that Chris did a couple years, and then Sam is now attending.  And now Chris is in the Big kid class, 5-8 I think. How is it my boys grow so fast?  This year, Jacob is sitting out, but how soon will it be before Jacob joins the Party.   Meanwhile, the boys know the routine, Saturday mornings spent at the pool.   Being the beginning of summer, the pool is freezing, but they don't care. They come out blue with their teeth chattering, and they don't mind.  They're tough.  And just between you and I, I was very proud of their behavior, they both actually paid attention most of the class, and I didn't have any escapees or freakouts.  Good Times! 

Immediately after leaving swim class, we packed up and went down to visit my Dad.  My sister is in town and Daddy wanted to have a cookout.  But with her insane schedule, Saturday lunch was the only time we could all be down there together.   Here's Eric with All His Sweetboys.  

But 2 hours is the maximum my children can behave when they are around their cousins, so when the weather is good, and they start getting crazy, we all go outside and let them Literally run around the house a few times.  Their "races" help them get their energy.  It was a lovely day, MB put a blanket down for me, and I was able to change and feed Jacob in the shade.  

Until I was invaded by Yahoos. 

Sweetboy in the shade, baby can you dig it? 

I did manage to get the 4 elder cousins all on the blanket.  I was trying for a Cuteness picture.  
But they were too Crazy.  Still.  
I think they were just getting too much sunlight through the trees into their eyes.  
 At least they all look crazy together.  

 Then the girls had to head out, and while I fed Jacob, Chris and Sam got to playing silly on my Dad's porch.
Eric took these couple pictures for me.  Silly boyz.

I kind of love this one.  

We were so tired, we came home for naps.  Not very long naps, mostly just for Jacob and I. 
But afterwards, we had more Plans! 
Some of my band sorority (TBS) sisters from college were coming to town, so a few of us wanted to meet them for dinner.  One friend's family, I hadn't gotten to see in person since their littles were only a matter of months old.  So sad.  We got to catch up a little bit, and our kids were Good (amazingly enough) and of course, being at Monical's, I quenched my wicked cravings for garlic cheese bread. 

 The kids had a Wonderful time playing around at Monical's. Cousins in the Bond. :) 

They were playing a hysterical version of Ring around the Rosie and Musical Chair.  It was Great!  
And the laughs were the Perfect note to end our crazy busy day on.