Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 15th

15 Roses for 15 years of Marriage.  

June 6, was our 15th wedding anniversary.  

It's hard to believe Eric and I have been married that long.  15 years ago, I said I Do, and with all the highs and lows, I'd still do it again in a red hot minute.  :)  It seems like lately there have been more lows than highs.  The House.  The Illnesses.  But then in the midst of all that Crazy, we remember the Love.  

That would be my advice to you all, when the going gets tough, remember the Love.  Sit down and talk about what drew you each other.   I met this boy, who was kind and funny, who "got me".  He was a keeper.  Now look at us 15 years after we said, I Do, we're still here.  We still love each other.  We've cried tears of joy and pain, and we're still here.  Still Together.  

So, this year, our Happy Anniversary wasn't entirely Happy.  Eric's grandpa had passed away, and we had to drive to Marion for the funeral.  On our way north we stopped for lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise.  I got one of their specialty drinks, I know, in the middle of the day - Crazy!   But hey, we were Celebrating.  We have a lot to Celebrate.

We had originally planned on Running Away, a little vacation for our anniversary this year.  For our 5th, we ran away for a weekend in Memphis.  For our 10th, we had 1 lovely night downtown at the Canterbury, the same hotel where we spent our wedding night.  We couldn't go far, because Christopher had just had his feeding tube put in weeks before, but Mom watched him, and we were close.  For the 15th, Eric told me he wanted to take me away to the Poconos.  That was before we found out about Jacob.  Really, I wouldn't trade Jacob for all the second honeymoons in the world.  And we got the best of both worlds, time together, and Jacob.  Too bad it had to be on such a sad occasion. But we had and have each other, and really that's what it's all about.