Monday, March 19, 2012

Finding my own green food


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Being that Eric and the boys were still feeling a bit under the weather, we decided we needed to stay in. Handily enough, we'd made no plans for the day, solely becaues we didn't know what Eric was going to be feeling up to doing, let alone if I was going to feel like leaving him alone.

So we had no concrete plans, but Eric was hungry for breakfast, and I asked if he had picked up anything special at the store for breakfast, because I had picked up a little food surprise at Costco early in the week, you'll see in a few. He hadn't, but while I was getting ready, I came downstairs to Eric putting a bowl full of green biscuit dough together. I love it, since we didn't have any fancy plan, we made our own green food!

Though he got it mixed and was Done. Exhausted. So I got to finish. I made the biscuits into shamrocks using a heart shaped cookie cutter, and baked them.

They turned out wonderfully. Now, traditionally, I am NOT the one to do the cooking. But these were great, and even the boys loved them!

I especially don't cook raw meat. It ooks me out, ever since my pregnancy with Christopher. But my friend Nicki makes This wonderful sausage gravy. So I made that. Raw meat and all. Ick. But following her recipe works every time. And the results were Scrumptious!

Even the boys loved their breakfast for St. Patrick's Day! (And since we had all the ingredients on hand, it was a lot cheaper than green beer) ;)

Then my Dad, and they don't get more Irish than my Dad who was born in and adopted from Ireland, stopped by with my stepmom to bring us a couple 'new' tvs! They even stayed for lunch. We had this wonderful pasta, shamrock ravioli stuffed with Dubliner cheese that I picked up as a St. Patrick's day surprise for my family from Costco. And it was wickedly awesome!

There was a party in our tummies. So Yummy, So Yummy! ;)