Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Willow tree wars

Yesterday was ass hot. Yes, I said Ass Hot. It was. Do I know Ass Hot? Yes, normal rectal temperature is a little warmer than regular, so 99.6. And with heat index it was hotter than that.

But what do my kids want to do on the hottest day of the year?

Go outside and play.

Of course they would want to go outside and play in this heat and humidity. But at least they got smart about it quickly and ran down to play in the shade of our big willow tree.

I was sitting outside on the back porch watching, but with no shade, I got hot, so I moved down to the tree with them. Actually, it must've been like 20 degrees cooler in the shade, for it was quite nice. Nice view too.

Chris was getting a little feisty. He found sticks and started a war with Sam.

Surprisingly, Sam held up his own end. Though he doesn't Quite get that he's supposed to duel with the other stick, or sword. He tends to get a little crazy sometimes, and thwock someone on the back, or hand.

Maybe he needs a bit more practice, luckily he's got a Wonderful big brother willing and happy to teach him. :)