Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Under a shady tree, you and me

There's this Lori Berkner song, Under a shady tree. We love it.

The chorus goes, "Under a shady tree, you and me. Under a shady tree, you and me." Today after Chris went to day camp, Sam and I and went to meet some friends at Ellis Park. Only no one else showed up.

The sun was still low in the sky, and instead of terrible heat and humidity, like we've had the last couple days, Sam and I enjoyed a relaxing bit of time in the park. It's funny that I got to go there with Sam. I hadn't been since 3 summers ago, when I used to go walking when Chris was at Sycamore services summer developmental preschool. I found out I was pregnant that summer. I had a clue when one day after a walk, I felt the great need to curl up and take a 10 in the morning. Yeah, I was preggers. Miracle #2.

I loved the park, and today, So did Sam. This week's Crazy Days of Summer theme was Light, so I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some beautiful light. Well, Sam and I found it today.

We took a walk across a bridge, literally over the river and through the woods. Found a pretty creek.

And we found a pretty little wildflower garden.

And it was a little shady too.

How I loved spending a little time today under a shady tree with my Sam.