Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Luck

I've often said, when at a birthday party, one must eat cake, for it is bad luck not to eat the cake when you're at a birthday party. Personally, I thought it just a ploy so I can eat birthday cake.

Alas, this weekend, I went to my first birthday party where we were unable to stick around to eat cake. And boy howdy did I regret it.

The birthday girls: Kristin and Sarah J. celebrated their 2nd birthday in adorable pink tutu swimsuits. And they were having a grand time with water, beachballs, and whatnot.

The boys fought naps, and we were pretty tardy to the start, but we arrived in time for the boys to do some swimming and slip'n sliding. Boy did they have a great time, especially Chris.

Though my boys could be distracted by bubbles!

But that is true for every kid, and kid at heart. Sarah loved blowing bubbles with her mama.

My boys couldn't be pulled away for food, well, until we broke out the watermelon. I'm pretty sure 95% of their dinner was watermelon, the remainder supplemented by fish crackers.

With that being said, they started getting snippy early, before present opening began, and Eric wasn't feeling well either. It became clear that we were going to have to leave.

But before we left, we had to see the girls open their presents.

Chris told Daddy that the twins had to have these mini-Pillow Pets. He picked them out. Grabbed 2. "They need these."

Apparently he was right. Kristin did a face plant hug within seconds of opening them.

And Sarah was just content to snuggle. I must say Chris picked exactly right! The girls loved their Pillow Pets as much as Sam does. I don't know what it is about them, but my boys love them. And the girls too! Did my heart good to see them enjoy, especially since we had to skedaddle early.

We were able to watch the opening of presents as we packed up the boys, who were literally climbing on tables. Yeah, it was a sign to go. But we got home, and put them to bed, but they didn't sleep well that night. Not at all. They were up half the night, and grumpy in the morning. Chris was so beastly he didn't make it to church, and when I told him he couldn't go, after many tantrums, he flipped out royally shrieking, "BUT I WANT TO GO WORSHIP GOD!" Which I must confess, made me smile as I put him in his room. Good thing that we can worship God anywhere sweetheart. So he stayed home, and was a beast for me. And I put them down to nap early.

But Darn it, I won't leave before cake again!