Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Twins!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Julius twins, Kristin and Sarah!

We got quite the treat today, our boys were invited to be a part of the girls birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I can't believe they're 2. Though it makes sense, Sam is, and has been for a few months. Chris and Emily are 3 months apart and Sam and the twins are also three months apart. It's good that all of us are Best Friends. It's become our tradition to go on the kid's birthdays, for lunch, during the week, to avoid the crowds. Super awesome.

My boyz agree.

Sam was having a wonderful time on the little merry go round, not sure how many times he rode it.

And Chris got a big kick out of this roller coaster ride. He figured out the way to go. Oh yes, he's ready for some coasters this year. In shoes, he's now tall enough for the one at the zoo, but we haven't done it, but he loves them. Just like Ma..and Pa!

It's hard for us to avoid having a Kiddie table, there's so many kids. But the kids were very happy about the pizza, even Chris ate!

How cute are these Birthday girls?!

Forget Pizza, Let's PLAY! They've got the right idea.