Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pretty Tootsies

God Bless my Mother-in-law!

Somehow she knows exactly when I can't take anymore, and she'll come to our rescue in any number of wonderfully ways. Today it was in the form of a Pedicure. We found a nice place in Brownsburg, Tamara's Tips and Toes, with two cozy reclining massaging pedicure tub chairs, a little hand massage and backrub, and this Mommy got the morning off; off with Mom W. to get our tootsies done. And we had a great time! We got a little bold, a little crazy. I got that crazy new OPI Crackle. And it was necessary, and it was Good.

I glance down at my feet, and smile. Even when the boys are crazy and I remember how good it felt, the sun shining on me, and the smell of lavender lotion, and I immediately feel at peace.

Thanks Mom! It was Wonderful.