Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother In Law, Christine!

We had a wonderful opportunity to kidnap Grandma and go to the Eiteljorg museum for the day.

Grandma and Sam had fun looking at the 'Booger mask' of the Red Black exhibit. Sam kept chanting Booga, no have Booga, have Booga. Such a boy.

Leave it to Grandma and Sam to find all the musical items in the kids area. They played drums of varying sorts, and a dulcimer.

Sam and Grandma set about to 'building' a family totem. They made sure to cover the necesities like a blue car, and camera. ;)

Happy Birthday cuddles for Sam and Grandma as they rock and roll on the stagecoach.

Sam and Grandma take a little horse ride.

Grandma even talked Mommy into hopping on a pony...I think it's been a good decade since I got on any kind of horse.

Love this one. Love that Sam loves this awesome old phone.

It's a Wigwam...not a teepee. :)

Turns out we can escape outside from the museum into a lovely little garden, walking along the canal. It was like standing in the wilderness, surrounded by trees and flower and peaceful quiet, but still being downtown.

We went over to the State Museum for lunch at the Ayres Tea Room, where we had phenomenal food for a quite reasonable price. And the ambience was lovely. I can remember going to the original Tea Room with my family multiple times, so I was reticent about going to this imitation place. But they retained a number of the original recipes, which was great. Even Sam ate his weight. What a great place for a girls (+Sam) birthday celebration.

Though we didn't stick around and do the entire museum, Sam prefered to keep moving, but we sure Love this State!

Happy Birthday Mom! And Thanks for a wonderful day!