Saturday, July 2, 2011

Slumber Party

It's been very touch and go for a while, whether or not we could move, when we would move. Well, we didn't exactly get certified occupy-able yesterday, but Close. The inspector told us we could start moving some stuff in, that the house passed. There's drama in the backyard, and the plumbing isn't quite done, so we can't Live there yet, but we got the ok to start the process.

And to us, the first step in living in a new place is the Inaugural Slumber Party. So we did it last night.

We packed up just enough stuff for a slumber party, we had a House Showing so Fina got to come with us too for the first time. It was her first visit to the new house.
We loaded down with jammies, sleeping bags (forgot pillows though - doh!), folding chairs, and a cooler loaded with the bare necesities: beer and milk. The boys went wild as soon as we got in.

We found our upstairs loft to be a mighty cozy area. And the kids were thrilled to be there, and couldn't stop dancing for joy.

Then we ordered pizza. A classic tradition for any First Night.

Daddy's first pizza order! Our official first home visitor was the pizza guy! We have a family tradition the first night in a new house, ordering pizza, not eating on furniture, sitting on the floor, but the downstairs floor was kind of dusty (ok a lot dusty). So we ate our first family dinner on folding chairs, boxes, a cooler.

And it was Awesome!

Then it was time to go to bed. Upstairs. Chris voted to sleep in 'his room' with his brother. They were so adorable.

These are the sweetest.

The boys performed a Good Night song and dance to end our evening. A perfect ending to a great night.

Eric and I had a couple beers and sat in our kitchen and enjoyed a quiet evening. My favorite part of this room is this light.

It was wonderfully relaxing for Eric and I just sit and bask in its light. For Eric, this wasn't his first time staying all night in the new house...just the first he was going to be sleeping.

Chris slept ok, but Sam did not. He spent the first few hours crying, and then we finally gave up and pulled him out of the pack-n-play into the bedroom with us, on the floor. That made him even angrier. Not sure what was setting him off (he was only content to hold my hand) all night. There was not a lot of sleeping.

Yet somehow the boys found copious amounts of energy come morning. The grabbed the few sweeping implements we had and were having a great time cleaning house.

A beautiful view. A beautiful house. God has really Blessed us with a lovely home, a lovely day, and a glimpse of even more to come.