Thursday, June 30, 2011

June in Review

So far behind, so little time. It seems like we spent June was spent in some sort of recovery mood. They said that Chris surgery would take a month or two or tweaking , and so it did.

1. Read the Bible. I didn't make much progress here. I only made a little progress into 2 Samuel. But I haven't finished it. Rachel, in effort to get caught up started reporting on Chronicles, which was where we were supposed to be, so I tried to read some of that, but couldn't keep up in either direction. Sigh.

2. Go to Choir. Well, no progress here, they are out for the summer.

3. Join a gym. Well this is downright depressing. No visits to the gym. Exercise has gone out the window. Unless you count going to the zoo. We did that a good few times this month.

4. Take a Photography class. No progress here per se, just that I got some nifty opportunities to take pictures when we went to the zoo.

Couple of my favorites.

When I went with friends, I was able to take a couple pictures of the orchid exhibit as well as the boys.

I didn't used to like orchids much, but thanks to this exhibit, I'm really enjoying them. They also are a lot easier to photograph than children. ;)

And a sweetboy you may know.

This one is Part Tiger. Super strong.

And Sweetboys Submerged, Chris got to bathe with Sam for the first time in weeks.

5. Get the boys Healthy. Sam is doing great, but we did hit a bump with Chris when he got a little constipated. And we had to do some 'bottom medicine' early in the month, and run to the hospital; he had 4 enemas in 2 days. Plus flushes. It was pretty awful. But it all worked...eventually. Now he's got a decent regimen, we're adding one full cap of Miralax to 500 mL of water for his flushes once daily. Hope it continues to work.
Now he's started a Therapy day camp. They are working on some social behavior things, as well as trying to get him potty trained. Ha. But he loves it. We work hard to not call it school, we call it day camp. He loves it. And he hates to leave. But already I've noticed them helping, he can write his whole name.