Sunday, June 19, 2011

AND we have Carpet!

Yesterday the boys and I popped by the house to see what we could see. Looks great. Found this pretty leaf on the driveway, it had been raining, and the drops were captured perfectly.

Eric had been working on putting the color spreadstone layer in the bathroom, which he showed me. A little darker than we'd been expecting, but still looks pretty nifty.

But we have Carpet! They were about 600 square feet short, so they didn't finish the stairs or the master closet, but all the bedrooms upstairs have carpet. The boys were stoked! They ran wild, and they could because there's railings on the stairs, and no one is going to fall off into the foyer.

Of course, Chris loves his room best. It is looking pretty good!

Sam's a little less impressed, but Mommy and Daddy think the boys rooms look amazing!

Must confess that the carpet pad felt so nice, that I had to test it. I know its not a flattering angle, at all, Chris took this picture, but it was so cozy, I could have fallen asleep right there. Seriously. I don't think we're going to have any problem celebrating with an inaugural slumber party at this house, as soon as we get certified occupyable...whenever that will be. Maybe next weekend.


Elizabeth said...

Wow! That carpet really makes it look DONE! It looks just awesome!!