Sunday, June 26, 2011

A VBS weekend

This weekend we experienced something new. New and Refreshing! A Weekend VBS, Vacation Bible School. Eric's parents church had their VBS this weekend, a little something different from the ones we've previously attended. The schedule was Friday evening 6-8, Saturday 9-2, and church time on Sunday morning. I wasn't sure I'd be down with it, but circumstances being what they were (um, that we Still weren't moving), I decided to register Chris.

When I called though, they asked if I was bringing Sam. They know the Fam, and they know Eric and the boys, kind of love small town living sometimes, so they asked, and I told them, "Um, No, he's 2." They didn't care, said that pastor's wife would be working the nursery. OK. So Sam went to VBS Too. That was new. The boys had a great time, got thoroughly exhausted. I thought it would be weird condensing it down to just a weekend, but it wasn't. The church did a great job, things went smoothly, I was impressed. I really enjoyed it. (And not just because I got some much needed time away from the boys.) I wouldn't want all VBSs to go this route, but it was a refreshing change.

Sam got to participate with the Preschool group with his big brother. He loved it. I think Sam relished being a big kid for once. Though he had plenty of folks to fawn all over him.

The boys by Pandamania Pete.

Today was their 'Program'. Both boys went up to sing and dance. Sam never does children's sermon at home, so he kind of wandered, and Chris was also pretty wiggly, but they were really adorable singing and dancing with their cousins. Ignore all the bobbing heads, I unwisely sat way in the back, AND forgot my camera today, at least I happened to have the video camera on me, thank goodness. A big long, but still Adorable - Enjoy!