Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yellow thoughts

This week's theme for Crazy Days of Summer was Yellow. But yellow for me this summer has been bittersweet. I have some lovely yellow pictures already from this summer.

Some orchids from the White River gardens Orchid exhibit. Yellow orchids, who knew?

And walking through the gardens I got to see some bees doing their thing in gardens.

Sweet busy little bees.

But like them we seem to be keeping entirely too busy too. Last weekend the boys did a VBS, and we were hardly home. It did give me an opportunity to enjoy some Boy-Free time. But without Eric, it was kind of lonely. I put on jewelry. I rarely do that around the boys, since they like to pull and break my things. Jewelry has become one of those things I don't wear very often unless I know they aren't going to have an easy time of breaking it. Bracelets are a rare occurrence. I felt happy and frivolous.

But then the rest of the week hit, and with it an insane amount of stress about money and the New House, and banks being stupid. I know, this most recent photo doesn't have a lot of yellow on the outside, but there's plenty on the inside. Can't wait to pull the ribbons off the garage, and really declare it ours. If I go into it too much here I'll cry. Suffice it to say the bank is demanding an insane amount of $$ for Closing Costs that we don't have, because we're loaned out to the hilt, and we can't Finish the house (it's all plumbing stuff now) until we $$ to pay the contractors. It's a vicious cycle. So, right now we're waiting on the a. the bank to give us the final draw or some other loan arrangement to be made, and b. the county to declare that we're Certified Occupy-able.

So I find myself taking it day by day. I've placed it all in God's hands. If it be His will that we get this house, it will be to His Glory. If not, well, then he's got something planned, I just don't think I want to know about it right now.

In the mean time, I cherish what is close to me, my Sweetboys.

Chris drew a portrait of me on the driveway. Surely, you can tell that its me, right? Yeah, me neither. Eventually, it got hair. :)

And Sam, he's gotten big enough that he wants to wear his towel, and get out of the tub "All by suff" Just like a big boy. And I'm not ready for my boys to grow up that much just yet.


SuperSillyAunt said...

I've been loving your photographs! They keep getting better and better.