Sunday, June 5, 2011

Making Progress

A big weekend for things out at the house. Friday we got our mailbox. That's right, We Are Somebody!

And besides the growing grass in the backyard, do you see that machine? That's right, the air conditioner! The plumber put the final touches on it, and we got functioning air conditioning in the house. Immediately cooled down the downstairs, but it was still pretty hot where Eric was working.

Eric had put the extra coating on the boys bathroom floor and shower yesterday. I wish I could explain all the layers of waterproofing, and whatnot from Daisch coatings that he's doing on the floors.

It's a lot of layering, and a lot of work. But it looks great.

Chris was quite impressed with his new bathroom too. It really feels Under the Sea!

This morning we popped by, and one of the contractors was Just starting the flooring.

By the time we popped by this evening, the dining room was Done. As in 1 room down, 13 to go! Done. Yes, we are making progress! OK, I'll say it, we may be moving by Father's Day. What a perfect present for a Daddy who has done so much for us on this house in the last year!


SuperSillyAunt said...

It's Beautiful! Christmas at your house this year right? Ha ha ha! What a celebration that will be!!!