Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weird Wednesday

I was going for a Wordless Wednesday, but just have too much to say. Today, I dropped Chris off at his Summer Therapy Day Camp, and Sam and I continued on to the zoo. He asked me yesterday, "I want to go to the Z-O-O." So I thought, what the hey, it's free to us now. And for once it wasn't raining, just cloudy, until the end of our trip. So let's go!
So we did. Gotta tell you though. It was Weird to go to the Zoo with only Sam. I've never done that. Before Sam, we'd go with just Chris, but never Without Chris. It felt weird.

It felt weird to go see the "Sea Roars" what Chris used to call Sea Lions, I still call them Sea Roars, but Sam doesn't get it.

He did wave hello to the sea lions, because the big guy was doing a lot of talking to us. Lots of great seal barks.

It was weird not having Chris around to demand what we see next, and freak out when we didn't ride the train. It was like a whole different child. One who wanted to run, but blessedly didn't go too far. One content to sit and watch lemurs while we ate. But when he did want something he wasn't silent. Come On Mom, Hurry Up!

We met up with some friends, though 9 months apart, they are almost the same size. Sam and Nathanael were chock full of Cuteness today. Check them checking out the bouncing baby giraffe in the back of the trees, the baby swung his neck around to get momentum to jump a little bit, get a little speed to catch up with his fam. All these little yahoos were so adorable.

Meeting Maria the Meerkat. I can't even tell you how long its been since we saw the meerkats in the desert exhibit, but for once Sam wasn't entirely terrified of someone in costume.

Weird, but all in all, a very successful day!


alicia said...

Thought you should know one of your photos you submitted to our Crazy Days of Summer Flickr Group was selected as one of our Top Five Pics of the Week!