Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Right Now

Right Now I am not Moving. Not moving into our new Dream House. I've refrained from saying much lately, because I haven't had a lot of good things to say. Maybe I've run out of supportive things to say. While my husband has been building this house, over the last year, I have been very Blessed with help and support. But I'm at my wits end. He's done such a beautiful job designing and working on our dream house, but we're done. Over, and over, and over again we are delayed. Sometimes it is my husband's fault, sometimes not. This week, it's not. And the last time we blew a big deadline, he was so convinced we were close...we'll be moved in to our dream house by my birthday, by mother's day, long before Chris's surgery. But they came and went. He thought we'd be celebrating by our anniversary, I said, oh no, more like Father's Day. How cool would it be, to be moved into the house that Daddy built on Father's Day weekend?! It would've been so cool. But no. That is sinking in right now. I'm not moving this weekend. And it hurts, it's sad, and I'm angry. And I am trying not to take it out on everyone I know, and I'm not doing a good job. I'm Sorry.

Eric's tired. We're tired. We've resorted to hiring people to do stuff, and they must be tired, because their pace is slower than Eric's. And we're being stalked by people that want to be paid...and we can't pay them until it's done. And it's not getting done. It feels like one of those great cathedrals that took hundreds of years to build, (can't remember if it's Koln or Sacrada Familia) and by the time it was done, it was time to do repairs, so it's Never Done. This is our Great Cathedral.

We're making Progress. It seems like just when we make a bit of progress we get a setback. Last weekend we got an address. If you look we got our first piece of mail. Must be approved if the USPS gives us Papa John's coupons. We'll use them to order pizza on our first night. But no, according to the phone company, we do not yet have a legitimate address. So we can't call about cable or phone. They made us move our old phone number to a cell phone instead of a land line. And I'm Old School, I want my bloody land line. Something the kids can't eat or lose, has multiple phones so I'm not far away from it. Oh well. Maybe we'll work that out in the fall...if we ever move.

But it's not going to be this weekend, because the carpet guys delivery isn't coming until Friday, so we won't have carpet done in time to move this weekend.

So when I popped by this afternoon to take pictures, and saw that the kitchen, though still not quite done, looking really good. Eric's been using Daich Coatings to make the bathroom floors, and now he's using their Spreadrock on the kitchen counters. Looks really cool, but of course, it's taking longer than he thought to put all the coats on, sand them down, etc.

We even have a sink. It's not working, but it's in. But since it's not yet working, as are many little things, we're bumping the inspections. Again.

And "The Guys" were putting in the spindles on the railing when I popped by this afternoon. I was so excited. But when I went by again a couple hours later, no further progress had been made. On the upside we have a railing on the staircase. And even though all this beautiful progress will be Awesome when we live there, it means that we're still going so slow we've got to bump again. So we're not moving in this weekend. We'll be lucky if we can arrange to move next weekend.

Then just when I think Eric and I are going to go biting each other's heads off over this project, Eric goes and surprises me. By putting in the fireplace. See? Little bits of Progress.

They weren't kidding when they said, if your relationship can survive the building of a house, it can survive anything. For Right Now, we're still here. Not Moving. But Together.


Suellen said...

It's so hard to be patient and wait when you've been waiting FOREVER. The time will come (relatively) soon and in a few months, it will be a mere memory. Hang in there.

indyhumes said...

I am sure it is so frustrating; but as you know, it is such a blessing just to have a home much less your "cathedral" Rome wasnt built in a day:)