Saturday, August 1, 2009


No, not In Search Of. Though maybe a little bit...

Last night, we went to Conner Prairie for a "Family Outing" with Eric's Company. I thought it would be a picnic, they were providing food. Eric mentioned there was going to be a group imitating Beatles' tunes. I thought, hmmm, OK. As last night got closer I was dreading it, the idea of a Far Drive, and Being Out Late with the boys, plus driving home alone in the dark, I wasn't looking forward to it.
Well, Eric remedied one by 'letting' us take him to work, so we could pick him up yesterday and all go to and fro the show together.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived and it was sponsered by Symphony on the Prairie, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra!

It's a long hoof there from our place, and rush hour traffic made it over an hour to pick up Dadddy first, who was working minutes away. The path was so long, Chris kept asking where we were going, and wanting me to stop etc...long trip. We came up with 3 simple steps (See Agent Oso on Disney for that reference) 1. Drive FAR. 2. Get Daddy. 3. Go to the Park. Well, the mere idea of the park and a picnic (pipic) thrilled Chris to no end.

I don't know why I didn't put the 2 together until we entered the parking lot. We pulled in and they were parking us on the grass, lots of folks pulling out their own coolers. With our blanket and chairs, I still felt unprepared. But we weren't.
The company had a set up with picnic tables, (cutesy red and white tablecloths) and a big spread: pulled pork, beans, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese. Even booze! I must confess I had 2 cups of wine, I know Wild Girl! But (each one had spilled due to some child or another). I saw lots of folks unloading their coolers full of wine, candles, snacky foods; one lady had chocolate covered strawberries and shrimp cocktail. THIS was Civilized Picnicing! Chris was quite content to go play on the playground (see above) and Sam was content parked in the shade, shamelessly flirting with the ladies (see below)

It was a whole new group of friends for both boys; Chris found some kids who were 8 and 11 that honorarily adopted him, took him all over the playground and chased him all around. We need only watch. Sam found a Mom and couple daughters who exchanged holding him for 2 hours.

It was almost like a date. Eric and I haven't been out alone since before Sam was born, and I've been getting the itch, think I might just be ready to leave Sam. (and Chris too) for a date. Though this evening was an excellent fix.

Something about hearing a full orchestra just tune up sets my heart a flutter, and primes me for some fun.

Is that strange?

When the band of Beatles lookalikes came out and started singing with the Orchestra back up....well, it was just awesome! They had all the intruments covered and it was a great show. A Really Great Show. The weather was perfect, the boys behaved (for the most part) I knew every song lyric, note even.

May be my favorite concert to date.


amypfan said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Carrie said...

I love symphony on the Prairie! We haven't gone since before i was pregnant, but we live 5 minutes away so we really have no excuse... glad you guys had a good time! :)