Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gettin' all Domestic

How exciting is that Bin of goodies that we got last week. I haven't eaten so many fresh fruit and veggies in a couple whiles. Last night Eric used our recent gift of Collard Greens to make dinner. He wrote up the recipe, but I just have to say it was so yummy, and pretty too, I meant to take a picture, but I was too busy eating it that I didn't even think about it, till the dishes were empty.
Now, our dessert Watermelon, I did get a picture of that, because boy howdy when Eric hacked into it, it looked like a picture watermelon.

You know what I mean? Picture perfect, the reddest red of watermelon juicy-ness, with the prettiest green watermelon rind. Twas lovely in taste also...

Then for dessert Chris and I made M&M cookies. Been trying to perfect my recipe, but this one wasn't too shabby.

The awesome part, was how much Chris loves making Cookies, and of course, how awesome my mixer is to make them. It was my first batch of cookies since Sam was born. Sam loves to watch us work in the kitchen. It felt good to get baking again. We cooked up about 1/4 of the batch, and froze the rest in tiny dough balls to throw in the toaster oven for snacks as needed....which seems to be about 10 minutes after naptime each day. If 7 o'clock is the Witching Hour, 4 is the BeWitching Hour.


Tina said...

Looks yummy! LOVE the idea of freezing the dough in balls!