Thursday, August 13, 2009

State Fair, Part 1 The Food

Yesterday, Eric called in to work for a "Family Thing", that Famiy Thing was a doctor's appt for Mommy and our annual trip to the State Fair. How lovely it was to be a family of 4 going to the State Fair. We thought it would be brief because we didn't get there until 11 and we fully intended to get home in time for naps.

We didn't.

So, there are so many wonderful aspects to the Indiana State Fair, it would be REALLY Long to write about them all!

So, First off, The Food.

Sam got to spend all his eating times in the "Lactation Stations!" Which I must say, are the most AWESOME additions to the State Fair! Imagine, you're hot, you havea hot fusspot (though really Sam didn't get too bad), he's hungry, dirty. You walk into the Tent Of Joy, and there's a clean changing table with wipes, sanitizer. Rocking chairs for me to have a seat and nurse (or bottle feed). Fans to keep the room nice and cool. And the ladies give me a chilled bottle of water. Sponsered by the Milk Bank. (I'm so getting geared up and motivated to serioulsy donate milk.) I saw the cutest onesie (that we could get with a Milk Bank donation) that said, "Breastfed Hoosier". Yeah, I had to have it.

So, a list of the things that all of us bought and sampled.

Everything Tastes Better on a Stick!

1. Lemon Shake Up - A Classic. Quite possibly my favorite item that Fairs have to offer.
2. Pork Tenderloin sandwich - It was pretty good, though I have had better at Mug-n-Bun, or Grindstone Charley's.
3. French Fries - Yeah, for Chris. Not too shabby.
4. Chicken on a Stick - OK. Christopher had to try all manor of things on sticks. But there was actually too much meat on there to bring him joy, so it didn't go over as well as we thought.
5. Deep Fried Snickers - Scrumptious. The melty chocolatey nougat, brought smiles to all of our faces. Even Chris's.

I'm not kidding, Christopher was a maniac for this deep fried snickers. He ate half the thing!

5. Deep Fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - Chris also liked this, and it was yummy, but it was small, and after all 3 of us had a was gone.

6. Deep Fried Oreos - Yummy. Interesting, but not as amazing as the chocolatey goodness of the snickers or reese's.

7. Chocolate Covered Bacon - AKA "Pigs in the mud" Just so you know, we did NOT spend money to try this. Actually, the idea sounded kind of repulsive. However, while waiting in the shade for our Deep Fried Desserts, a lady came by with a tray of it. I asked her, what did you think of it? She looked at me, and said, I didn't really like it, you want to try it? She had 2 pieces, she was going to give 1 to her friend to try, so she had no probs giving it to us, since otherwise it was getting pitched. I took a bite. It is what it advertized. Chocolate and Bacon. Chocolate = good and chocolatey. Bacon = tasted like bacon. Having both tastes in your mouth at the same time, however, is just not right. The bacon is cold, otherwise the chocolate doesn't stick, and it is just weird. It didn't make e puke, but I did NOT like it, and neither did Eric, and we were perfectly fine throwing the rest of our sample away.

8. Ice Cream Soda - The Hook's Drug Store (original soda shoppe and pharmacy) does old time soda and floats. I got cherry and I don't like the taste of soda water, and my first sip was a mouthful. However, Sam needed to be fed right after we picked them up, and I had to let it sit for a bit. By the time I got back to it, my ice cream had mingled nicely in the cherry soda goodness, and it was pretty nice. Doesn't take the place of my lemon shake up, but not too shabby.

9. Ice Cream Float - Eric got a root beer float. What was really awesome was that the didn't crack open a can or bottle of root beer. No. They put a sqirt of syrup, then added soda water. And I didn't taste a smidge of that metallic soda water taste. Old School Classic.

10. Deep Fried Mozzerella Cheese Sticks - Ironically, that one of Eric's favorites of our Indiana State Fair comes from a stand that advertises Wisconsin's Best Cheese. But indeed these are the best, the best Cheese Sticks I've ever had. Eric says it was because we had to wait while they cooked them so they were Extra Fresh! Extra Fresh and Extra Yummy.

11. Deep Fried Cheddar Cheese Cubes - These were good, but in comparison to the Cheese Sticks they just didn't compare. Eric says it was because they were under the heat lamp, so next year remind me to wait for the fresh!

12. Deep Fried Pizza - (Seeing a theme here?) You'd think that with the this being the Year of The Tomato, this new item would have been better. I am not sure what we were expecting, but it was basically deep fried dough topped with a general not especially tasty sauce and sprinkled with parmesan, not even lot of fried cheesey goodness. Gross disappointment.

13. Moose Tracks Ice Cream Cone - From the Dairy Barn. Awesome! We wanted something cool for our Long Walk back to the Car. Worth the wait! Vanilla with chocolate swirl, a bit of cookie bits and teensy peanut butter cups. Very good! Even Chris ate a scoop!

14. Strawberry Milk Shake - Eric got this for the walk back to the car, thinking it would be easier to eat and push the stroller than my ice cream cone. Ha! more like Soft Serve in a Cup it's so high and pretty even a little swirly on top like Dairy Queen. Best Bang for your buck here, it's enough for 2!


Suellen said...

I love that picture of Chris. He looks like such a cute "thug."

Cathy said...

Word Up. The hat was free gift at the Riley fun park and the glasses $1 at the $ Store, and he doesn't want to take them off. .