Monday, August 31, 2009

The Dumb things I do

Did I tell you that we enrolled Chris in a gymnastics class? Well, we did, and he's had 2 classes, and he loves it. He's constantly asking us to take him to "chip nastis".
Though he's a bit skiddish in the class itself. Well, THAT'S why we enrolled him. His core muscles are weak, and he hates any temporary alteration of his center of gravity, like being tipped on his back, rolled over.
Somersaults have been difficult. The first time he did it, watching a friend, he bent down touching his head and hands to the ground, then very quickly stood back up flopped down on his back and said Dah Dah! (Tada!) It was adorable.
That was the beginning of the summer. We've tried since to get him to somersault and he keeps doing the flop, and thinking he's done it. Now that he's in class, we've been trying harder to get him to do it. It's not been working. He FREAKS out when nearly upside, and now freaks when we go for his ankles to flop him.
Monday, we were home all day, watching lots of tv (much like today) and after Between the Lions (last show of the PBS afternoon lineup)was over, I flipped to watch something else and found Make it or Break it, a teenage gymnastics drama series. The were having an -athon, and Chris was IN. He wanted to watch Chip Nastis!
He started bouncing around the room, and trying to imitate some of their moves. Well, I tried to help him with his somersault. It didn't work. Then I told him, Mommy can do it!

Then Mommy did it.

A somersault, at my age, appalling. And lasting effects. I was just a bit dizzy for a moment when I came up. The house did shake, but the boy laughed. I shook it off and laughed happily. When I came to help him take his turn. He screamed again. Well, I wasn't going go to try that again.

Then Saturday evening, we're sitting around the living room. Chris and Eric were playing catch with a beach ball, and then the ball rolled away, and the two of them were seated indian style across from each other. I suggested some of the warm-ups Chris had been learning. Then I think I suggested somersaults...for both of them.
Well, after much hysterical viewing of both boys standing on their heads, trying to lift 1 leg in the air, I put Sam down.

I got up, cleared a space, told Eric to pretend like he was going to 'help me'. So he did, and I did Another Somersault.

Again with the dizzy.

But this time my back was a little achy. No worries, my back is always at least a little achy. So we put the boys down, I took a darvie and went to bed. Slept decently but hurt when I woke up. I went to church. (We were having a sample pastor who may become our new pastor come speak, and boy howdy I wasn't going to miss it!) Riding in the car made me dizzy and I didn't think much of it, because I'd forgotten to have breakfast. Then we had brunch, more on that later, and by the time I got home, I was 'fair dinkum' miserable. Took another darvie, grabbed my heating pad and went to bed for a couple hours, only getting up to nurse the boy.

God Bless Eric for taking care of us.

In the afternoon, we were going to down to have a visit with my Dad. But the car ride made me so queasy. I had to look down most of the ride. I was still pretty in pain most of the evening, so turning in at a reasonable hour was a very good idea.

This morning when I woke up I was still feeling puny. I tried ice, which felt nice but still feel crummy. Eric thought it might be a good idea for me to call the doctor. I was like, I could see if he can get me this afternoon, but I DON'T want to Drive. Eric offered to stay home and 'keep an eye on us' "working from home".

God Bless Eric for taking care of us.

We all packed up and headed to the doctor's office. Chris was funny, "Mommy do you like shots? Sam doesn't like shots." No no one is getting shots today. I went in, and upon examination Dr. C told me I had pulled a muscle, the trapezius. It's that blasted thing that is the root of so many of my troubles. He offered me a muscle relaxer drug, along with taking ibuprofen and ice.

Well, then I asked about the queasy, and he took a look in my ears. He told me my "rocks moved". Huh. Well, there are these rocks, otoliths, made of calcium carbonite, that wreak a bit of havoc when they shift in your ears. Like Vertigo, leaving you Dizzy, Queasy, and Woozy. (and some other reject dwarves names like Bitchy) Just awesome isn't it. So, he offered me drugs for that too.

And told me not to do anymore somersaults. Ever.

OK. And so I shant. However, it leaves me in a pickle right now, because both these drugs are bad for nursing, that means if I take them I'd have to pump and dump for at least 16 hours. Sam only bats about 50/50 when taking bottles, half the time he'll do it, and half he won't and he'll just end up miserable.

So the big question is, A. Take the drugs that render me stupid (both will make me sleepy individually, together I think I'll be sleeping quite nicely) and not be able to be alone withe kids, plus having to pump and dump and make Sam miserable. But I'll feel better.
Or B. Suffer with only ibuprofen and ice for a while, and have happy Sam, and Pray it goes away without me needing the benefit of the hearty lumberjack drugs.

Yeah, I opted to suffer. I'm a Mom, right? It's what I do.


SuperSillyAunt said...

You're a super champ! Go MOM!

Kathy said...

oh no! Feel better. What a nice mama.

Carla S said...

OUCH! I did what you are doing. Suffered. You'll get through it, but man it sucks being a mom sometimes! Feel better!