Monday, August 17, 2009

A Wedding

This past weekend, we ventured away from the house for our first overnight trip since Sam was born. The boys came with us, to see Eric's cousin Sean get married. We spent the night at a hotel in the thriving metropolis of Howe Indiana. It was a 1 stop light town, however, minutes from the 80/90 toll road and the Michigan border made it fairly civilized. Chris and Mommy didn't care, as long as the hotel had a pool! We arrived, checked in, and Chris and Mommy got a quick swim in before having to get ready for the wedding.

Picture it: A summer's evening, in the woods, by the lake. Warm. That was our setting in Camp Lutherwald. OK, it was hot. But it was beautiful.

Here Sean escorts his mother down the aisle. Apparently, he always said he wanted his Mom to walk him down the aisle (just like Dad was going to escort his sisters). Aunt Betty was teary already, and got us all teary by really sniffling through her role in the lighting of the unity candle.

Sean and Anna met at Church Camp. That's why we had the outdoor Camp wedding. At camp they gave her the nickname Tuka, so we spent the weekend calling her Tula/Anna or Tulanna or Anna/Tula. But when she appeared coming down the aisle, Christopher yells out, "She's a Princess!" He's pointed to my wedding picture and told me that I was a princess, but whatever name she is called, a princess she sure was.

Sunset wedding by the lake. Just gorgeous!

Chris was not content to just sit still while waiting for the wedding. Luckily, it was an outdoor wedding, so he just stepped aside into the woods. And Grandma was there ready to chase.

Sam, on the other hand, was pretty content, at first sign of a murmer, I fed him, and he did great. He just didn't appreciate the heat. We were thrilled to hear the reception was air conditioned.

Receiving line. Chris receives his hugs and cuddles from the beautiful bride...oh and the groom too. Chris just loved her dress, he kept calling her a princess.

The reception room had no seating available by the time we finished the receiving line. So we sat outside on the deck overlooking the lake. Mommy and Daddy weren't too festive initially when we realized our seats were going to be where the music / dancing were. Chris, on the other hand, started dancing the moment the music came on.

And Dancing. Here he's dancing with his cousin Alexis.

And Dancing. Here Chris is dancing with his cousin Kaylee.

I think Chris was afraid to stop dancing. That boy didn't stop moving for 3 hours. He barely sat still to eat. He did stop to share some wedding cake. Chris had NOT slept on the 3 1/2 hour drive up there (which took us 5 hours because of stops) and so he got No Nap. In general, Chris without a nap is a very bad thing, but at the wedding and reception, he did pretty well. He just wasn't going to stop moving. At. All. I think he knew that if he stopped moving, he'd fall asleep. And he didn't want to miss the party. Sam wasn't too interested in dancing, but he was happy to be cuddled and loved on by lots of family members. When he finally pooped out at 10:30 on Eric's cousin Katie, we took that as our sign to go home.

Alas it was but a power nap. But we were hot and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I put on some stuff, but too late to save my legs which are covered with at least 20 bites. Glad we did turn in on the earlier side, because the boys were so wound up, it was midnight before they finally fell asleep. Then Sam was stirring at 6. Snarf for Mommy. But it was a beautiful wedding, and worth every minorly troublesome thing to be there and see our family so happy.


Unknown said...

Too funny--we were at my cousin's wedding this weekend where Jack danced with his couisin named Alexis. It looks like Chris lasted longer than Jack did, though. =)