Friday, August 21, 2009

A Family Reunion

So, I meant to finish writing about our exciting weekend activities, and wouldn't you know it's taken me until the next weekend begins to finish up details on the last. Oh well.

These weekends only happen once in a lifetime, ie the wedding. Or like the theme of today's, once a year.

The Willman Family Reunion

Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to be welcomed into this family. They are so loving, and welcoming, and I LOVE Family get togethers with them. These reunions are the get-togethers of Eric's Grandpa, Wilbur Willman, (I know ;) ) who was the youngest of 8. There are quite a few of his nieces and nephews floating around, and he's the patriarch as the oldest one left living, plus the usual crowd; Grandpa's 4 boys, and their broods. It gives me such great warm fuzzies to see these folks, be loved by them, and to have them love on all 3 of my boys.

Since Grandma's passing this past year, Grandpa has begun documentation of his memoirs, which he read the first 5 chapters aloud for all of us. Yes. 5 chapters aloud! We giggle, but we Love him.

Sam and his Grandma Willman.

I hardly had to mess with him at all, except when he was hungry, dirty, or tired...which come to think of it, was a fair bit.

Sam makes his rounds. Above, he is with Eric's cousin Travis, flirting with his girlfriend Kelly. Here below, with another of Eric's cousins, Heather. Eric has a lot of cousins. I had 1, he had 11. Toss in some spouses, and a couple kids and it can get pretty wild and wooly.

Though Chris made his rounds too. Here, Eric's Uncle Dean was RACING him on a chair around the room. He made 2 laps and stopped, and Chris was thrilled to yell "Adin Adin!"

Rumor had it, that after our "family meeting" , there was going to be swimming in the Lake. Chris couldn't wait. He was taking off his shirt before Grandpa was finished with his speech...and wondering around in circles with tubey belly hanging out. (This week we pulled the feeding tube, if you hadn't heard, so now that tube is ancient history!)

Chris could NOT wait to Swim!

So we took him!

These boys were having some FUN together!

There was volleyball net, and he traipsed around with Daddy, but mostly he was just content to wander around. We even took Sam into the water!

He enjoyed cooling off by dipping his tootsies in.

Of course, the cousins wanted to help him do a bit of swimming. Here he is above with Cousin Heather. And Heather passed Sam off to Cousin Katie. Hard to tell who was having more fun the boys or the girls?

Swimming as a happy little Family of 4! (I just love being able to say and do that!)

And yet somehow, I ended up with both swimming boys. At one point, Chris 'swam' up to me, and Sam kicked at just the right time so that his feet were on top of Chris. Their first in water traffic jam....I'm sure this won't be the last...


Kathy said...

What a happy little family :-) I'm glad you have such a great relationship with your in-laws!! (I do too and it's great!)

So glad to hear that Chris doesn't need his tube anymore...I didn't know that (need to catch up on blogs) but that's great news.