Friday, August 7, 2009

The Little Things

So, I've been trying to get caught up on all we've been doing these last couple weeks. It's been lots of little but wonderful things. But its these big little things that make life exciting. Here's the story in Pictures.

1. My best friend Kathleen had twins. I can't believe they are 1 month old today. We helped out playing with Emily periodically, but 2 weeks ago, we were able to get to HOLD them!

First Kathleen introduced Chris up close and personal to Sarah.

Then I got to hold Sarah, I was content to feed her a bottle and just cuddle the day away. But Sam wanted to be fed to, so for a brief moment I got to hold both Sam and Sarah, amazing the size difference eh? Sam was twice Sarah's size, his 13 pounds to her 6 1/2.

2. We had some friends come to town, Krysten and Adam brought Sadie (11 mos) from Ohio, and though we would've liked to play more, we did join the crew for a visit at the newly remodeled Children's Museum. Here we are for our mass (mass hysteria) photo. 8 children under 3 1/2, only 2 were not mobile, oh, and 7 adults.

3. Sam turned 4 months old. He's getting pretty good at lifting that giant melon!

Chris is such a good big brother. He's loved every minute of the last 4 months of being Sam's big brother. He'll say I love my Sam, or Sam loves me. All true.

It gives him great joy to hold his Sam, he really calls him "My Sam." Sam is beginning to like sitting up more and more, so I propped him up with a pillow.

And both boys LOVED it.

Chris is getting better at holding Sam IN his own lap, without props, but I can't step too far away. What amazes me is how beautiful their intertwined feet are.

4. Speaking of lovely little feet. These belong to my niece, little princess Anniepants of the Kickapoo tribe. She turned 1 at the end of July.

Here's Annie with Sam. She was trying to get away, but couldn't because Sam was sitting on her dress! Tee hee hee.

The Grandkids: Sam, Annie, and Chris.

Annie opens her presents. Of course, she's more interested in eating them than playing, unless they are FOR eating.

Annie and Chris enjoy cupcakes. Annie's first exposure...

Just as a 1st Birthday Girl should, Annie made a great big mess. It was beautiful!

Of course, she had to be significantly cleaned up immediately thereafter. She did NOT appreciate the cleaning process.

5. After Annie's 'party', Oma and Opa took Chris and new puppy Schnitzel out back and set them lose with a bottle of bubbles.

Chris figured out how to Blow Bubbles! We've been trying to teach him for 2 years, so There Therapists! Yeah, I cried.

6. We've also been enjoying the semi-warm weather, by doing a bit of swimming at home in our lovely pool.

We invited Chris's friend Ryan over to play.

The boys do a bit of chil-axin'.

7. One of my sorority sisters Colleen came over from Ireland for a familial visit, and while she was in town she got to see the boys, she hadn't seen Chris since he was almost 1.

8. Chris has been getting serious about cooking in the kitchen with us. First, he loves Mama's Kitchenaid mixer about as much as Mommy does.

But he's also a big fan of helping Daddy with whatever he needs help with, or even when he doesn't need help.

9. Chris had his last day of Swim Class for the summer. Farewell Summer!


I think the parents may miss our weekly get togethers as much as Chris and Emily will miss swim class.

10. We had some friends, the Gornto's, come over this weekend, we hadn't seen them in a year.

Chris and Samantha made up for lost time playing maniacally. Here they are playing wheelbarrow...very good for the sensory processing boy, and just an excuse for a girl to get upside down!

The 2 Sams. Denise holds Samantha and Samuel. :)

Chris tries to find out what's so funny about 2 Sams.

He didn't get it.

I can't wait to see what other "Little things" the close of summer will bring.