Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Super Bowl

OK, so you all know I don't do Football. I only go to games to cheer on the Band.
However, do you remember that campaign many moons ago, where at the end of the super bowl they went up to the quarter back, and asked,

(example) "Peyton Manning, now that you've won the Super Bowl, What are you going to do now?"

"I'm Going to DISNEY WORLD!!!"

Well, that's me this week. Years ago, when Chris was born and we had all those health troubles, we vowed to Celebrate when it was done. So, in 2007, we took a big cross country vacation driving though 14 states in 16 days. Then last year, Chris got sick again, and we had to put the feeding tube in, and it was a terrible thing, not only did it not work, but seemed to me the tube made him sicker. He was puking every other day last summer. He still doesn't eat very well, quantitatively, but he's growing this year, frankly the whole process strikes me a waste, and it was torturous for poor Chris. Though by not eating, his throat did heal, and he was no longer a Silent Aspirator. That's the only perk I could see. I guess Chris is theoretically healthier, and stronger because of it, but he was pretty strong to begin with.

Well, last year, while we were in the midst of the torture, I may have been actively cleaning up puke the first time I said it, but I said, "When this is all said and done, we're going to Disney World!" It became my mantra. We'll go to the happiest place on earth and we'll drown our sorrows in....who am I kidding?! I'll have No Sorrows in Disney World!

Well, last month Chris graduated from the feeding team at Riley and this month we pulled the feeding tube!

That's It! We fought the good fight, we perservered, we made it through this storm. Sure, others can come, but we survived another one, and we're stronger, closer, and still Faith Filled because of it. See, God gets us through the storms! And on the other side...

In this case, we're going to Disney World. We just booked ourselves a trip, 11/29 - 12/4. (Yeah I'm going to be That Parent, too, and pull Chris out of Preschool. I could dig up all kinds of therapeutic value in visiting Disney World...increased spatial awareness by riding rides, exposure to other cultures, all kinds of 'animal' identification... I could go on.) We'll be staying next to some friends at the Port Orleans, and last night when Eric was on the phone with the gal, booking the trip, she asked the loaded question, "Are you Celebrating anything?"

Eric says, giving the abridged abridged version, "Our son was born with health problems, and it's been a long road, and we said when we were done, we were going to Disney World, and he just graduated from the feeding team and got his feeding tube pulled."

There was silence on the other end. "Hello?" Eric asked.

"Sorry, you just made me cry." she replied. Embarrassed, "I'm such a Girl." she laughed through her tears. I wish I could meet this girl. She got it, what a wondrous Celebration this Truly is. She said, Mickey will arrange something special for Chris. I can't wait to see. I was watching Eric, and he got a bit teary too, well who wouldn't? Reminds me of Steel Magnolias 'Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.' It's wonderful to shed Tears of Joy. I just wanted to Sing some Praise and toot the Lord's horn for giving us this small victory to celebrate.

Because, Baby!, We're going to Disney World!


Kathy said...

yay!!! :) What a great way to celebrate.

Oh, and don't worry about taking him out of school - my parents did we turned out just fine :)

Andrea said...

Sounds like a fun (and well needed) break! Enjoy! :)

SuperSillyAunt said...

I'm so excited for you guys! And at least at St. A...they will be ecstatic for the celebration! It's cool too that you get to go with friends!

Krysten said...

So excited for you guys and I can't wait to see all of the wonderful pictures that I know you'll take!

amypfan said...

I am a teacher (albeit not Chris's teacher, but still), and I say it's okay to pull him out of school. Soooo happy for you!!