Friday, August 14, 2009

State Fair, Part 2 The Farm and Animals

Growing up my sister and father were allergic to everything that grows. Only dogs seemed to make their list. Anyway, Daddy and Lisa were deathly allergic to hay. So we never made it to the State Fair. Until I was in college and Eric took me. In addition, I am a City Girl. Suburbian, but still a city girl. I missed out on things like animals or farms, or Farms With Animals.

I don't want that to happen to my boys. Their friends aren't going to try to talk them into going "Snipe Hunting."

When we first arrived at the Fair, we came in the back (which Eric and I never made it over there before) by the Riley Fun Park. Holy cow. They have this little sidewalk path the kids walk on.

They give them a bucket, and then have all these little stops along the path. The first stop is to go out and "Pick" your grains, in this case little packets of corn and soybeans. And they had plastic eggs under fake feather chickens in real wire pens, plastic fruits and veggies you could pick apples "off trees" and veggies "from the garden". All plastic gardening, without getting dirty. :)

Then he got his own spiffy Farmer Boy hat. (Which he hates whenever I take off of him.)

That he could wear while he went out to Tend the Fields... in his Tractor. They had a tractor trike racing loop.

And a real Tractor to climb on.

Then he got to take the "fruits of his labor" and feed the grains to fake cows and pigs, or "sell" his fruit and veggies at the market, where they'd give him a "dollar"' and send him into the store. Where he got a real treat. He bought Orange juice with his EARNINGS, and even drank most of it, which is unusual since he dislikes orange juice.

Even Sam enjoyed the Store. He likes watching People, mostly I think because they think he's gorgeous and they faun all over him.

Also on this trip to the fair, Chris wanted to see animals, and so we did.

We started off with the Largest Pig! They called it the World's Largest Boar...but I think it's only the State's Largest Male Pig. Though right across they had the biggest mama's and their babies, but Chris liked the big pigs better. I never saw so many clean pigs in one place!

Of course, we had to stop in the Cattle Barn, that has been a favorite of Chris's for the last 2 years. No change while we were there, except it must've been Judging Day or something, because the folks were frantic with primping and trimming the cows. What's up with the shoe polish? I never realized, but a clean cow is actually FLUFFY! Fluffy like Sam's head is fluffy.

Speaking of whom, while Chris was loving the animals, Sam was entranced by Chris's balloon from the Lactation Station.

Sam also was checking out the Chickens in the Poultry barn.

I'd never been in there before, and was thoroughly tickled by the noises, all stereotypically chicken, we would be walking down the aisle, and we'd hear, "Er Er Er ER Er!" (Cock a doodle doo from the roosters) Chris even got Bawked at. Bawk bawk bawk. Here he is with the biggest Chicken! It's bigger than Chris!

The most adorable were the baby chicks!

The funniest was when Chris walked down the aisle of Geese, and one poked his beak as far out the cage and honked the loudest HONK! at Chris. He came running back to hide behind the stroller. Well, then Daddy took him to make friends with the goose, as you can see Daddy had to hold on tight.

Didn't work. This goose did not like that goose either.


Jenibug7 said...

I have pics JUST LIKE THIS of Elias at that age. He loved the farming experience of planting and harvesting the crops!