Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cooties from Cuties

My nephews came over to play yesterday.  Earlier this week, I borrowed Cole, because Bryce was in the hospital.  But Bryce is feeling a bazillion times better, and Thursday night I got a phone call.
A Cole Call. 
Cole wanted to call me, because he had so much fun coming over and playing the other day.  He wanted to come do it again.  I told him, that I was going to have to talk to his Mom about that.   So he immediately put her on!  Ha Ha!
After chatting, we decided she could venture out the next day.  Bryce was still feeling puny, but had mostly gotten over his cooties.  And I figured, if we were gonna catch anything, we would've got it.  Although, I was feeling a little itchy eyed Thursday evening.  I didn't think anything of it.
Until Friday morning, I wrote Erica, because I woke up congested.  I didn't want to cancel our date, because I wasn't sure if it was allergies or cooties.  Unfortunately, she told me, the itchy eyes, sneezy, congested, and a light cough (no cough here yet though) were totally signs of the RSV the boys had.


But, then again.  If I had caught whatever they had, then so what. And Jacob's already had RSV, I have vague memories of going to the ER over it, and I think the other two had also, then there was nothing to be lost from having them come over.   So they did.  So I oiled us all up, and they came.  I'm so glad they did too.  The boys had a great time!

Erica and I immediately got to chattering away.  It was awfully quiet for Jacob and Cole.   I went up to check on them.

This was what I found.  These two yahoos curled up watching Baymax.  
Big Hero Six (Three Hero Six) is Jacob's favorite movie.  And he has access to it on our ipad.  
So he was sharing with Cole.  

They were playing so well together. 

Apparently, Bryce learned to roll over like two weeks ago, before he got sick.  She barely got a video snippet of it.  But she put Bryce down on the floor for him to roll over for me.

I know it's blurry, but I couldn't believe how high he could lift that giant melon!  

He was such a wiggly worm.  
He's not a fan of tummy time.  He doesn't outright hate it like Chris did, but he's not happy there.  

He gets those legs up there, and wiggles and moves.  And how cute is he?!

Then he was chillin' on Mama's shoulder. 
He looks at me all cross eyed, when he tries to focus on me.  He catches me a few times, I can see his eyes are getting stronger everyday.  He's 9 weeks old, though only 1 month adjusted. 

This just made me laugh.  
It was hard to get a still shot, because he was such a wiggly worm. 

Then I got my turn. 
Even slightly congested, I got to get my fix.  
We're just sharing cooties after all.  
I miss having a sweetboy nuzzle in. 

This face.  He had just finished his bottle when I got my turn. 
His eyes started rolling back, he was toast.  
I loved it.  
I know a sleepy boy. Yes, I do. 

And he was out.  
Just about this time, Cole started giving us his clues that he was toast too.  
And he cried when he had to leave.  I guess that's a good sign that was a good time was had by all.