Thursday, September 1, 2016


It's the first day of a new month, and I have a lot of great ideas for this month.  Last month, I created an Oily Group of friends and we drank water, 1/2 our weight in ounces per day.  Considering the month I had, the fact that I stuck with it for most of the month was huge. I think it's helped my recovery significantly.
Yesterday, I went to the doctor a checkup.  They took a look at my wounds. This is where it gets a little graphic.    Most of my stitching is closed up, dry, a little scabby still in a couple places, but mostly looks good. There's a seam where three points meet on each side, and it wasn't looking good in my mind.  It wasn't bloody or smelly, just moist, and had the potential to worsen.  I've been putting Neosporin on it, and covering it with Chris's old feeding tube gauzies.  (HA!  Handy to have all these supplies around the house.)   And I've been using Essential Oils everywhere else that's sealed up.
The nurse told me it looked ok, that just happens sometimes when the body wants to break down the dissolvable stitches, and can't so much like a splinter it gets distracted trying to push it out, which is counter productive to healing up the wound.  So she gave me this insulation stuff, to put in there and cover with a gauzy.  The insulation stuff gets gooey when wet and kind of seals up the wound.   I am supposed to change that every 24 hours. So I am!  
I probably will not be changing sizes much more at this point.  There is still some swelling, but we're pretty well established.  I can Go Shopping!   I still can't swim or take a hot bath (Darn!) especially while the wounds are open.   But I am excited about the opportunity to buy a cheap crappy bra at Walmart, or hit the summer ending sales on swimwear.  That sounds like a lot of fun.
She also said I could sleep on my side again! That was another biggie.  Because I was out of my happy drugs.  I wanted either the ok to sleep on my side, or New Drugs.  Because I was out of the neurotin, and if I broke out the narcotics, they were only good at keeping me sleeping on my back for 4 hours.   I wondered if it was ok to use my Sleep Essence, my Oily sleep supplement.  She gave me the ok to restart that too!  Hot dog!  

The nurse also said I could sleep with no bra.   
She lied. 
I did not sleep with no bra.  I tried.  I tossed and turned uncomfortably for 2 1/2 hours.   I hadn't taken any drugs, just used oils, and it wasn't quite cutting it.  So I put my bra back on at 2 am, and slept much better after that.  That was helpful. This pic is me in jammies with no bra.   My boobs are not hanging by my belly button, and my nightshirts look downright cute.   I am kind of enjoying putting all my old clothes on  and seeing how they fit.   Still, I didn't sleep well.  I found enough energy (in the form of coffee) to get moving for a big day today though!

Mommy's first big adventure outside the house.  
We went Apple Picking with Jacob's Preschool!  

Jacob's favorite part was picking one and being able to eat it right away.  
He picked one, and would've been perfectly content to go home.  
Jacob hadn't been Apple Picking in a while, since the last time we went with Sam 2 years ago.
And he wasn't an active picker then.  So I had to break him in. 

Yes, I corrupted him. 
I taught him how to climb a tiny tree.  
Though I can't lift him, I can spot him.  So I helped spot him right up into this great gala tree.  
He climbed to where his head was almost a smidge taller than me.  
And he giggled with pride.  

Me and my Big Boy! 

This was our selfie from inside the apple tree. <3

That was Plenty of Adventure for me for a while. 
I sat on a bench while he played, and we shared an apple cider slushie.  
I was a little bummed I didn't pick enough apples to make sauce.   But realistically, I'm still recovering.  I can't do it all.  And Canning would've been too much.  It was enough to just play with a sweetboy on a Beautiful day.  It was in the 70s, it had cooled off enough for us to enjoy the weather.  I think because it wasn't too hot and gross I was able to enjoy myself more.  

Check me out.  
I walked a mile.  And drank 1/2 my weight in water.  Grr! 
And I did so, as a member of the 21st Century, listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack on my phone. 
Do you know Alexander Hamilton? 
It rocks.  

And I broke a sweat.  Sweating is a new experience with my new bosom.  I don't automatically get a heat rash every time I break a sweat.   The feeling was just different.  A little over half way around my scars started to sting, so I knew I was definitely pushing my limits to go all the way around the block to home, for the full mile.  I came home, slathered up in Oils, and then ran out to a PSG meeting, and Book Club.  

Then I got to go to Book Club with the gals, and got my First Pumpkin Spice latte of the season. 
I appreciate my friend A taking this pic of me.  I'm still a little self concious of my bosom.   
But as you can see, I still naturally put my arms in front of my boobs to hide them.  I didn't realize I even did this.   But I do.  I even still do, especially when the kids want a hug.  I gotta protect this region, it's still all pretty tender.  I love hugs, but I have to hug side saddle.  
I can't wait to let my arms go do their thing.  I just want to be a little smaller, and get things all healthy for a more complete picture.  That's why I'll be working harder this month at moving.  But I don't want to over do it. I got the ok to walk, just not jostle, so no running... Yet.