Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Wellness

I ran away.  I got away for an overnight.  Thursday night, was the third consecutive night that Jacob had awakened me every hour.  I couldn't take anymore.   Really.  Jacob had spent most of the week waking up Every Hour and wanting to nurse and chew on me.  Oh yeah, he bites now on occasion too, because he falls asleep and clamps down and Yowie!  I've never nursed a kid this long.  And I love nursing, it's such an easy fix, except when you a child that doesn't want to sleep or learn to self soothe because he'd rather be attached to a boob.  A friend wrote and called it, playing a riveting midnight game of Grope Your Mother.  Jake could give E a run for his money.  In the wee hours of Friday morning, I'd had enough.  I gave the kid to Eric.   I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't, as I was just listening to him cry himself to sleep, for 1/2 hour.  I was up for 2 1/2 more.  I finally went back to sleep from 6-7:30, after nursing Jake once more for the road, and woke up exhausted. And Fed Up.

God Bless Coffee.  

As I was checking my morning facebookings, I noticed a class in Marion on Friday night and another one on Saturday morning. Hmmm..  I haven't done much this month to further my Oily Knowledge.  I want to be a good team leader, so I need to further myself so I can be a good asset to my team.   So I went to Marion to attend an Oily Class on Winter Wellness and Business Building. God Bless Eric for taking Jake for a night.   He knew just how much I needed a break.  For me, it was a mental health boost, as well, as one to pump me up about Essential Oils. 21 hours of Bliss.  I came back a new woman.

This was my view as I drove out of town.  It was snowy and cold, and we had a beautiful sunset as I drove away.  I felt better by as the sunset just sitting in the car listening and singing to KLOVE.  By the time I hit Westfield it was pitch dark outside, and it was a new adventure.  ow strange to drive to Marion in the dark.  I don't think I've ever done it.  When we drive up there by day, but not by night.  When Eric was younger, he used to identify Marion by the teepee by the airport.  I never saw activity at the airport, and you can't see the teepee at night, I noticed.  However, when I drove by Elwood, the new windmill farm sparkled like an army of red nosed reindeer in the night.  And the Marion airport, looked like an Airport, I was floored. I was chatting with Aunt Betty, I only had a vague idea where I was going, come on, Marion isn't that big.  Good thing I did, her directions, were, no you need to go the other way on 38th street, and when you are out in the country, and feel lost, you'll see it's by the grannery.  So, there I was, driving along in the dark, just about the time I felt like I was getting lost, I crossed some railroad tracks, and there it was, the grannery, and right next to it, the event center I was looking for!  Whew!  Reminds me of the old days when I'd give directions to my Mom's house the same way, when you feel lost, turn left at the stop sign.  
Anyway, the class was great, there were a dozens of people there.  It was pretty full house, and it made me happy to see all these oily folks.  First we got some great ideas for Winter Wellness, more than just slathering Thieves all over ourselves.   I listened to people discuss how they were using the raindrop massage to keep the cooties away.  Some folks had some some different kinds of cleanses using oils and supplements, like for their colon and liver.   I guess I never thought about it, but to increase the effeciency of my colon and liver, they should be clear of toxic crap, else the toxins within my body would have nowhere to go, and wouldn't be clear to exit.  I need to read Inner Transformations, and the Desk Reference, the whole thing was very interesting.  I got some great ideas of other oils to try to keep us healthy, like Immupower, which smells like oregano, so I bet it would be better in a capsule.  Oregano makes me crave pizza.  Or Frankincense, which has not been my list of things to try when I'm feeling puny, but it's supposed to be a great immunostimulant, and Dorado Azul, which I'd never heard of, but smells quite nice and good for what ails our respiratory system, which may be very good for the hubs. It's going on my Wish List!  
We took a 20 minute break, and decided to have the Saturday morning Business Builder class on the same evening, since the weather was iffy and there was illness in our hostess' family.   I didn't start out to have this be a business, but now that it's become one, I want to give it my best, and this portion of our class was a huge reason why I'd driven up.   So we opted to just do the whole thing in one big swoop.  How lovely, I thought, I can sleep in come morning!  For the actual Business Building class, we went through the Compensation Plan, which I'd been able to pad my way through, but can be quite confusing, she was able to clarify a couple points.  And then we discussed the different levels.  She's only been doing this a year, and not only are they a bunch healthier, but it's supporting them enough to pay off student loans - How Amazing, just what I'm hoping for, to be healthier, and pay our debts!   And she had simply set the goal of sharing with 2 people a month - completely reasonable.  I've been focusing more on my team building, and gaining knowledge, so that I can think fast when I'm presented with questions.  I've been setting a different goal every month, sometimes it's something for the team, sometimes a class.  I am not shy about sharing my oils, they have done too many wonderful things for our health to keep quiet.  I think the biggest benefit of this portion of the class was just getting pumped up about Oils.  Val had brought her Aroma Complete kit that she's won as a gift for hitting Silver in 6 months, it's 120 different oils.  And she let us just sit there and sniff.  So fun!    I went to Aunt Betty's all kinds of revved up, even Aunt Betty wished she'd come to the class. I should have brought her!  And then she, Uncle Jon and I sat there and told stories and yucked it up until 12:30!  I haven't stayed up that late intentionally in quite some time.  But it felt so good to laugh that much. 
And then I slept in.  Oh yes I did.  There was no  baby waking me hourly.  There was only a dog that barked at the paperboy.   And I rolled over at that and went right back to sleep.  I had not had a good night's sleep in a while By the time I woke, it was bright and sunshiney out, it was 9:30!  It was arctic cold outside, but bright and sunny, and lovely. I haven't slept in that late in ages, well, not without going back to bed at 6.  But I got 9 hours of sleep.  I was a New Woman!  I could think!  Aunt Betty and I sat around over breakfast, talking about Grandma and Grandpa, laughing and crying, and just enjoying each other's company.  It was so fun.  We even got out Grandma's old recipe  box and started going through it.  What was it with meat/jello salads in the 60s?  We had so much fun, I felt guilty that Eric was missing out.  We may just have to go back!  

So we have concocted a schemey scheme to create a Willman Family Cookbook.  I came home and got started on the first page :) 

This pic was my view driving home, the roads were fine, once I left Marion.  

But Eric hadn't had such a wonderful time.  The big boys were good enough, but Jake, well, he's not weaned.  It was so good for me to step away and Miss them a bit though, and get them to miss me.  Though Eric did get him to drink 2 box cups of chocolate milk in the 20 hours I was gone.  And they slept with water close by, and Eric got a bit of time in his own bed. But Jake was up every 2 hours.  So I called Mom W. when we got home, and asked if I could take Eric out for dinner.  She said sure, and we went to Thai Lanna for some yummy Tom Yum soup.   And we left the kids with Mom and Dad, and Aunt Teri for an hour or so.  Mom had surgery over New Year's and she isn't been firing on all thrusters quite yet, so we went back, and hung out for the rest of the evening.  It was the best of all possible options, fam time and child free time.  When Eric started to doze off on their couch, it was a sign our fabulous day had ended.   Jake was kind though, he slept in bigger chunks, in his own bed (!) last night, 3 hours, 2 and 2.  So really, I only got up twice.  Man, I am a new woman when I get sleep.   Sleep is so good for my mental and physical health.  Maybe I'll even be able to think more often this year.