Monday, January 26, 2015

Another road trip

You know Dickens?  It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times?  Yeah that.

Last week's semi-impromptu trip to Ft. Wayne went well.  So when I had to return the scanner again this weekend, I figured I'd take the boys again.  So I packed up the same screens and we headed south to go north.  It was my Dad's birthday, and he wanted to go to Brozzini's for the Best Pizza and Wings in town.

When I asked my stepmom what to get Daddy for his special day, she told me that my present would be my presence.  Well, yeah, but I don't like to go empty handed.  So I prayerfully considered, and decided to make Daddy something special for his skin.  He's been having some trouble lately.  He had a melanoma removed a couple months ago, and he's been so sensitive to the sun in the last couple years, he has to wear long sleeves.  All the time!   He burns like a maniac.  Me too.  So I made him some "Daddy's Special Skin Sauce".  I put 10 drops of Carrot Seed oil, for its natural spf of 30, but it smells terrible alone, so I added 10 drops of lavender too, it's known for it's multipurpose healing for burns, and skin issues, plus it's got an spf of about 10 or so.  Then another 10 drops of Frankincense, because if it's good enough for Jesus, it's good for my Dad!  Then 5 drops each of Geranium and Myrrh.  Each of these smells so good, and they are really good for skin, so I thought they'd be a great addition.  Then I filled it up the rest of the way with almond oil.  I tested the final product on myself.  And man, my skin felt awesome, like I glowed.  I hope my Dad is finding as much Joy.  I think I'm going to make myself one of these! 

Of course, when I gave it to him, he gave me a look, so I don't know if he'll ever use it.  But at least I felt good about giving him something that is good for him.  Hope it'll help his burnies.  

But I had to break out some of my own reflux goodies, after a wonderful birthday lunch at Brozzini's.  If you haven't been there, you should!  It's got the best Pizza and Wings in town.  We order the wings extra crispy, and it's practically like being back in Buffalo getting Big Daddy's.   

After lunch, we went to Daddy's and taught the big boys SKAT.  
This is a game we used to play when we were younger, I suppose other people may know it as 31.  The object of the game is to collect 31 pts in the same suit.  Sam didn't play, but he was the 'Card Shark'.  Any team he was near, started winning.  I was first out though, so I got to chase Jacob.  Nothing wrong with that. ;)  Chris actually won, which was defeatist as every time he lost a round, he had meltdowns.  Looks like we're going to need to teach him how to lose more gracefully.  

For the second half of our day.  We Drove North.  Last weekend, I'd driven to Fort Wayne to borrow the zytoscanner for my Oil class.  So after class Friday night, I had to take it back.  Unfortunately, my leader couldn't meet me halfway, so I had to hoof the whole way myself.  Originally we thought Eric would be joining us, but he had to do some Work.  And it became clear, as we left Greenwood, the computer needed internet.  So I dropped him off at Starbucks in Fishers and kept driving.  He got some quiet and worked, and the boys and I ran our errand.  

It was a cold winter's day.  They were forcasting wind and storms, but we didn't have that.  Just a lot of clouds.  Sometimes the sun would hit the trees, and it would look so pretty.  I took this pic of a lovely grove of trees.  As I approached, it became clear they were sycamores.  I thought to myself, what a beautiful grove of sycamores....and then I crossed over the river right next to them.... the Wabash.  Only a true hoosier would understand and appreciate.  On the banks of the Wabash.....

The boys were crazy.  They alternating between behaving with their screens, and Not.
So at one point, I had Chris set Jacob up with Yo Gabba Gabba.  It's his favorite.  I asked if Jake was happy watching.  Chris said he looked really cute, he wished he could take a picture.  So I let him. 
He was right. 

So we drove all the way up to Ft. Wayne, returned the scanner, and my boys played for 10 minutes with Val's boys.  They did ok the first hour, but the second was rough.  I had a monster headache by the time we got there.  I would've loved to just Be Done. But we had miles to go before we slept.  And so did they.  

So we hit the road again.  But it was clear, the boys still had a lot of pent up energy to expel.  I didn't want to end up at the germ fest McDonald's we'd done the week before, so on the way out of town, we passed by this sign for the Johnny Appleseed Gravesite. I have since learned, there are about 3 of these in the midwest.  
Whatever.  We visited this one.  And the big boys both learned about Johnny Appleseed in Kindergarten, and like to sing the song, and watch the movie.  So we stopped to see it.  

It was getting dark outside.  

The Grave of John Chapman. 

Jonny Appleseed's grave in Fort Wayne.  
Sorry they're so blurry.  But it was dusk. 

The boys thought it was really cool. 

Mommy thought it was cool, that right next to the grave were a couple apple trees, 
with a couple of frosty gnarly apples still clinging high in the branches.

So, then it was Really time to head out of town. 
But the boys were hungry... of course.

So we stopped at Hall's Drive In.  
I wanted to try a Fort Wayne burger.  It was a big double cheeseburger with some kind of special sauce, like ketchup and tarter sauce, which honestly, I prefer on fish sticks.  
The kids just wanted to eat.  I was happy that it was an old classic drive in.  
Because it would've been rough on me to take them anywhere in public.  

They had a floor picnic.
In the car.  They were crazy, but made me smile.  Jacob enjoyed watching them.  
I let Jake out, but I had to put him back in to go back south and grab Daddy. 
Jacob cried all the way home.  I think I got about 20 minutes cry free.  
And most of them were After we picked up Eric.  It was a rough rough ride. 
It occurred to me, that 3 times in the last 3 weeks, I've driven up to northern Indiana. 
I'm done driving north for a while.